Artist's statement

I'm a textile artist who designs unique animal characters in cloth and paper clay. I also design and create embroidery designs inspired by the natural world.

I create detailed figures in animal form, but who demonstrate positive human characteristics on a purer level. 

My creations are something the owner can love and cherish, but not just as a ‘pretty thing’. Each one has its own  story, and a message that their owner is reminded of every day, to help, comfort, inspire, and just be there, in a supportive and reassuring way.

My approach is simple and based in 'real life', where things aren’t spotless and pristine, but have grown and developed over time.  My animal characters are not primitive but they are created with what I term - ‘prim-ness’

I create one character at a time, and like my dolls, each one is unique. My creative processes are 'back to basics' as much as possible. Accessories are handmade by me. I recycle and re-purpose fabrics and items as much as possible, and no ‘plastic’ craft products or polymer clays are used. Any products I use have to be ‘environment friendly’!  Natural is always best  as far as I'm concerned. The packaging I use is also recycled whenever possible, and I normally use my 1939 Singer hand sewing machine.

Although I never repeat the same piece twice,  I do produce patterns for some of my pieces so that other people can create their own interpretations.  I feel it's vital to encourage others to experience the joy of creativity, and I try to support this process whenever possible.

Copyright Jules Woolford 2014