Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lost weekend and then some

I have just eaten two large slices of toasted tea bread with butter - and jam. I didn't need them, it was purely comfort food.

Do you ever have those days where you wonder where on earth the time went and you don't seem to have achieved anything? And it all seems to go haywire? I just had 4 of those in a row. Actually - to be quite fair one of those was my lovely mum in law's birthday and we took her out for a nice lunch, so that doesn't count. But the rest?? Just a few examples, don't want to bore you........

The boiler man's young assistant, after placing the old radiator brackets on the bed (which had carefully been moved well away from where he was working, so he didn't mess it up) then managed to gather up the metal linking clip for the double bed with his rubbish! We have had to source and buy a new one. This is actually not that easy! Plus I had to clear up all the mess that he left behind, from somewhere he was not supposed to be. We were not happy people, and neither was his boss when I rang up to say what he'd done!

I tried to work on my dolls yesterday and:
  • The bulb in my sewing machine blew
  • I didn't have a spare
  • I couldn't get the faceplate off- in the end we had to ring the shop where I bought it as the instructions in the manual were wrong!
Finally got it off, rushed to the shop, and it was almost closing time. Just dashed in and got one and also bought some epoxy putty to act as a weight for the feet on my armature doll.

It wouldn't set. Not even overnight. Back to the drawing board.

We tried to go for a walk today, but every time we began, something happened, and finally around 3pm we decided that maybe it wasn't to be.

I have to go to Nottingham this week and give a presentation for work which I hate doing ( it's not finished, and I can't come up with any whizzy ideas to complete it). I just want to stay at home and work on my dolls, and my embroidery.

But, I suppose none of this really matters, 'cos we are warm! And I ate the tea bread (heh heh) We have a lovely new powerful boiler sending out delicious heat, and I have a new radiator in the spare room, so my hands no longer get cold as I type. It's so wonderful not to feel cold. Maybe the sofa will arrive next and we'll have somewhere cosy to sit........
Then I'm going to book some time off!

Hope your week was much better than mine.

The abandoned workspace...... poor dolls......

Still Grumpy, but working hard on becoming less so. x


  1. We're getting a new boiler on Wednesday (scrappage scheme!).

    I hope you're feeling more cheerful soon - I know exactly what those days feel like.

  2. Oh, I've had days like that! Glad you are warm. I just e-mailed the recipe for Bouillabaisse. That will really warm you up.

  3. Those are the kinda days that you just need to eat some tea bread! Glad you are warm at least. Can't wait to see your finished dolls.

  4. It's so funny, Jules, but bread and jam are my go to foods for days like that, too! I swear by them!

  5. Hi Grump! Yes, I have days like that too... I wonder where the time went and how I managed to achieve - well, not very much at all! Your presentation will be over before you know it! Don't stress!... then you'll be back to your warm house to play with your dolls!
    Sandi xo

  6. Oh Jules,
    I know just how you feel. The sewing machine saga is typical of one of my 'lost days'. It's true your presentation will soon be over, and sometimes you need a break from your doll to come back with fresh eyes and ideas!
    Sandy :-)

  7. Glad you are toasty now, but so sorry you have to do something you dislike so. As for the repair dude, grrrrr. Glad you didn't let him get away with it!

  8. Hi Jules,
    I eat chocolate on bad days but
    tea and toast are great comfort food too!:)
    I love your dolls and I shall look forward to seeing them finished.
    I thought I would visit you here for a change... Thank you for your lovely message on my blog.
    Have a good creative week.

  9. HI from one grump to another, I know what you mean. I am grumpy because I got overlooked for filling in for my boss. I think it is because I don't have a penis cause I know I do a better job than the jerk they gave it to. And I am trying to get my doll group newsletter out and nothing is happening the first time. I think I will just go to bed I am trying not to eat much

  10. I've had days just like yours just Monday I was overwhelmed when I went back to work after being gone. I hope things are going better, do something fun for more bread and some chocolate also:) Your blogging friend, Jenna


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