Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bunny mania - and some interesting characters.

I've deliberately been avoiding the computer to try and get some work done, after an unexpected week off  for family birthdays, and meeting my  new great-niece ( did I mention I'm  a Great Aunty ? No! only a million times,heh heh.) 

Here is the birth sampler I designed for Emily 'A year with Bertie and Floss'* You  see why I have a great  preoccupation with bunnies at the moment - and why  Bertie Bun  appeared! I am  pleased to say it went down well with  mummy and daddy and was immediately put up in Millie's room - I hope she likes it when she's big enough to notice.
 I did have fun with this!

Embroidery and Dolls this post!

Here are some pictures from my hard working students  at the Bristol Adult Education Service. They  were fabulous - they created some wonderful first dolls - and even did homework between our sessions!

Heads down!

 Louise is a yoga teacher -  here's her doll demonstrating flexibility!

 Here are 'the girls', almost complete, modelling against the backdrop of Frances' lovely old Singer.

 Kate's doll - 'Our Mo' - glamour puss.
 Frances' Sweet Susie on her sewing machine.
And our yoga doll and Celia's sweet Victorian schoolgirl!

I  know at least two more dolls are already being planned,  so I'm really thrilled - well done ladies, you were brilliant and I had a ball.

* Bertie and Floss copyrighted to Julies Woolford


  1. I'm sure Emily will love it!

    The doll workshop looks to have been a great success - well done to all concerned!

  2. Gosh Jules your workshop looks wonderful.I shall find out tomorrow (next Class) if my ladies have done some homework. The dolls look brilliant.Especially the yoga one.

  3. What a fun workshop! Everyone came up with a special doll.

    Love the embroidery. You seem to make time for family and that is so important. I know you are appreciated for it.

  4. Wow you are doing great job of teaching these dolls Jules. All of them are lovely.

  5. So lovely to hear you are a great aunt, congratulations Jules! ;-)
    Bertie and Floss is a wonderful sampler and I especially like Bertie lying in the sun in his red trunks and shades... The stitches are perfect!
    The dolls are quite special too. I wish I could go to your sewing classes, it looks like a very calm environment with a lovely work space.
    Great to stop by and see your new work.
    Spring blessings to you,
    Jo. xx

  6. The sampler is sweet.=) We call our toy bear Bertie and the lamb Flossy....!=)

    Classes look great and your students did so well!=)

  7. Your niece will love the embroidery! There are so many sweet small details and it is so beautifully stitched.
    Your doll class looks like so much fun!

  8. Waaaaaaaaaa...I want to take a workshop with Jules!!


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