Friday, 20 February 2009

It's not raining!

Well, yesterdayI learnt not to put beads on a CQ patch before you've done all the stitching! I managed to get around it though and it's coming along, but I realise I have so much to learn. I saw a book on CQ when I was working in Cheltenham and decided to treat myself. It's by a lady called J Marsha Michler, who I guess is famous in the CQ world? I hadn't come across her before. It's lovely though and has lots of pictures of traditional quilts. Usually I get all my CQ eye candy from the net so it's nice to have something to pick up when I'm not on line.

I found the CQ Online magazine, and I'm going to enjoy looking at that, hopefully later today. I recognise lots of the names of the contributors, so I'm sure it will be a treat!

I want to get on with doll no 2 today, my challenge is to get her put together - whether I'll get there is another thing!

This is the first day we've had for ages when I think Spring just might be coming. Hope so! There is so much to do as we are going to have to create a garden from scratch. At the moment it's a big empty square of scrubby grass, away from the property, and we can't get power or water there. We have to use a generator to cut the grass! There are still lots of bramble stems trying to take hold too, so I know it's going to be a challenge!

We want to make a wildlife garden, I spent years with 3 conventional gardens, and used to spend practically all my free time outdoors ( when I wasn't cleaning the house, but that's another story!)

Now cleaning is definitely not top of the agenda, and after almost 2 years without a proper garden I'm beginning to get fretful, and looking forward to planting some trees and shrubs and getting the structure in place. It won't be immaculate, but I hope it will look pretty and natural and encourage lots of wildlife. We already get a lot of birds. There's a wooded hill opposite us, and we back on to marshland with lots of scrub. We have a major fox "highway" through the garden and they visit us every night. Some weeks ago I caught 2 of the "teenagers" one cold frosty morning. They were racing about all over the gardens and trying to play with an old rugby ball they found, just having a wonderful time! Maybe I'll try and create a fox character later on!
Here they are, caught on camera.

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  1. The foxes are adorable! What a treat to have them visit you. I can't wait to see what you design in their honor.
    bunny hugs,


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