Sunday, 15 March 2009

My first doll ever...

Well, it's been a lovely weekend, and I should have stayed home and done the garden and stitched, but we had a wonderful walk instead. Sunshine, beautiful views, flowers, birds singing, yippee, I think Spring's really here at last.

I have been struggling with the "Alice" doll for my swap. Although it's very simple it's the first time I've designed a doll of any kind and I'm finding it a challenge. I hope I'm getting there. I'll have to wait to post piccies until the end of the month when she is sent to her new home.

I took my sketchbook out today on our walk, I didn't manage to do any sketches this time, but I've been feeling the need to start drawing and painting again. Then I remembered I'd painted the very first doll I ever made. It was after my mum had died. Some time before there had been a magazine article about a lady who's name I cannot remember ( trying desperately!) She was an artist and painted pictures of the exquisite Victorian rag dolls she made, along with beautiful miniature quilts. Although I wasn't a doll person I though they were wonderful, and as kind of a tribute to my mum, who was an amazing seamstress (unlike her daughter!) I made Katie Beth
( named after my two nieces). Eventually I gave her away, thinking some little girl would appreciate her more than I, who was just leaving her on a shelf. So here she, is with some of her teddy and hippo friends!

I really must try to remember that ladies name, I do recall she used to have a studio in her garden like a sea side beach hut, it was wonderful!

On a stitching front, here finally (giant fanfare!) is the beginning of my CQ patch. I'll try and add piccies as the embellishment progresses - I'm just glad I finally got the piecing done! I am pleased with the purple lace, pic doesn't do it justice I'm afraid.

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