Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I'm back!

At last, and boy, am I glad that flurry of work activity is over! I have though, had a lovely holiday last week, spent lots of time walking and wildlife watching on Exmoor, (in fantastic weather!) and I actually sketched every day, something I haven't done for years, I think all my textiley crafting has revved up my creativity levels! Oh, and we've really begun the garden in earnest, I have a lovely big shrub border in now and 2 trees! Still lots to do but remembering the wild patch of nothing it was it's fantastic. My Beloved ( the man who wanted to concrete the garden over before we met!) has diligently watered and cared for all of the new plants like babies!!!

It was lovely to get back and find that more kind people have read my blog whilst I've been "away", thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with what I'm doing, it's great to have your comments.

In the midst of all my scurrying about for work I did complete day 2 of my doll course ( for which I was asked if I'd take my "girls" along) They had a wonderful time and were very gratified to have lovely comments made about them and their photographs taken too! Sadly, I can't post the photo's I took as one of the ladies was concerned about having pictures of her work on the net (a great shame as she'd made a lovely doll, with clothes that were really haute couture!) The class was brilliant, run by a very talented lady called Joan Bowie, who makes lovely dolls and is also a talented spinner, weaver and craftsperson. She's also terrific fun and a great teacher. I made some new friends on the course and it has been great to find some other doll minded individuals who live near me.

I still haven't finished the doll I was making in class, as I'm not happy with her head and I want to do some more work on it, but..... Ta da! Hot exclusive!!! I do have piccies at last! I can finally post my Alice in Wonderland Doll who has arrived safely at her new home in Kansas with Liz, and is making a right royal nuisance of herself by all accounts, bossing everyone around!

She's the Queen of Hearts, but more Princess Diana than irrascible harridan, although I do agree with Liz that underneath the calm, graceful exterior there probably lurks a will of iron!

She was great fun to do and I enjoyed my first try at designing a doll from scratch, but it makes me even more in awe of those who produce patterns!

I've taken a short break from dolls while I make a fabric keepsake journal for my eldest niece Katherine who got engaged to Todd on Easter Sunday. We're all thrilled, and I wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. It'll be a surprise so I hope they like it.

Oh, and I've signed up for another swap for a Spring doll, but I think my doll will be a wee bit smaller this time!


  1. We're glad to have you back, too! Thank you so much for the Queen - and I'm happy to report that she has settle down to become a gracious and understanding monarch. The rigors of travel must have upset her temper. It can happen to anyone!

  2. Lovely work, I din't see a contact button so I will just ask you here. I love your title banner how were you able to add the picture?


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