Monday, 11 May 2009

Just a quick update...

Something kept niggling me so I decided to add a variety ribbon ties to the keepsake album. Finishing touch, I think it's worked!

And finally..... Ta Da da da da a da..... may I introduce the Tweedles, Dum and Dee, my wonderful doll(s) for the Alice in Wonderland swap, made beautifully by Liz.

Aren't they fantastic? I'd never have come up with anything like that. Liz is a brilliant artist and makes the most amazing characters as well as other wonderful projects. I'm honoured to have the Tweedles here. They can be a bit naughty, but have promised to be good if I put their picture on the blog for everyone to see!


  1. I like the ribbons. And the doll is really cute? Is that for Stitchin' Fingers? I see a lot of blogs with that button. Perhaps I should check it out. I love swaps!

  2. Glad to hear "the boys" have been behaving. We had a stern talk before they left my house. LOL! Thank you so much for your comments about my work - I'm blushing!


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