Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rushing around...

Another busy week at work, plus, we had my Beloved's eldest son to stay for a week. He is starting 12 weeks with the Princes' Trust, but will have to travel some way to attend, so spent the first week with us to find his feet in the big city! He's off to Pembrokeshire this week doing lots of outdoor activities, so I hope the weather improves!

It has not stopped to rain and so there has been a distinct lack of gardening, and a distinct growth of grass and weeds! I think there's going to be quite a bit to do when it finally dries up.

As my room was being used I haven't had much time for crafty things this week, but I've done a bit more of my doll for the swap, (she's very different!)

Having promised myself I would try and do some thing every week I did have a go, very quickly, at some little notepads which I found on Fibre and Stitch
( find them under Free Projects - Cereal Box Booklets)

Great for using up scraps and recycling and so quick and easy to make! The one on the left is fabric and the green, springy looking one is hand made paper. Do have a go - they are great fun and would make useful little gifts.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and really enjoyed it. My passion at the moment is cq. I belong to an on-line group It's wonderful. The ladies are so friendly and helpful. I find it difficult to find really good lace, motifs and ribbons in theis country, but they send me wonderful packages of them from their own staches. I send those that need them unusual fabrics which I have been lucky enough to have found. It's a great website, like having a whole new circle of friends. all interested in the same past times. Just thought I'd let you know. Best Wishes Lesley

  2. PS. If you haven't already found it, take a look at the blog...Pat Winters Gatherings. Her work is really inspirational. Lesley

  3. Thanks so much Lesley, I'm really glad you enjoyed the blog and thank you for the info about cq4newbies and Pat's blog, I will certainly check them out!


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