Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hot but busy....

Phew, too hot and sticky for walking or gardening, so I've been stitching and crafting instead! Good excuse eh? Seriously, I've been really busy and I've made and dressed a soft toy and made a very small doll which just sort of happened.....

I saw a pattern by Sherry Goshon, pepared for a swap in 2007, and liked the idea, so I thought I'd adapt it, and use up a small piece of fabric which I'd been told was too fine for a doll. Well, I had to prove that was wrong, didn't I, and so Eral the Pixie Prince was born!

He's my first "boy", 9 inches tall, and is dressed in a tasteful array of silk leaves. Pixies actually originated in the West Country of England (where I'm from) and traditionally, they wear very little clothing, but do humans the courtesy of covering their essentials when necessary!

I have treated myself to one of Barbara Willis' small stuffing forks - what a joy! I couldn't believe how easy it was to stuff his tiny thumbs using it. The fingers of my big dolls are huge in comparison and they were so hard to do! I am getting quite excited about making hands now......

I also forgot to post the pics of my swap doll who is a bit of whimsey called Gloriana, the Blossom Spirit. She was a tiny, wrapped, wire doll, about 5 inches high. Currently residing with Anita in the USA.

Feel like I'm on a roll - I've already cut out the pattern to mark up for the next doll, and my embroidery is going great guns! Work tomorrow will put paid to things for a few days though, and it's three days travelling this week. Ah well, has to be done.

My beloved's son is joining us again this week and it's his birthday tomorrow, so many Happy Returns Rob! He's doing brilliantly with the Prince's Trust and we're all really proud of him!


  1. Oh what fun dolls:) I just love them. Sorry I have been MIA lately, and thank you so much for recognizing me, isn't the blogging world sew much fun? Blessings to you! Jenna Louise

  2. Very nice dolls!!
    You are very creative dear friend!

    Maria del Valle


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