Sunday, 12 July 2009

Thanks everyone!

We had a lovely family time last Monday and I'm so pleased that my cousin really loved her tiny teddy, which I popped in a pretty drawstring bag, so he has somewhere to snooze whilst he is waiting for her in hospital. Her first chemo session is done, and she's managing brilliantly at the moment, fingers crossed that it continues well. Thank you all so much for all your kind wishes, it is much appreciated.

Thanks also for your helpful suggestions about my machine embroidery problems. Yesterday I bought a darning foot for my machine. I thought I would have to get one on the internet but my beloved, (bless him!) spotted it while we were in John Lewis' (wonderful department store with a lovely sewing /yarns section, I can't seem to go in without buying something.... ) . I haven't had time to try it out yet, but I will keep you posted!

It's been a strange week, busy, as we have had a couple of appointments around designing our new kitchen (exciting but very tiring!) they took up about half a day each! I also had a long day working in London, which tends to wear me out. Poor old soul that I am becoming!

So, not much stitching has gone on, but, I have been needle felting and crocheting! Ha, yes, the trusty crochet hooks have come out again, inspired by the wonderfully cute patterns from Brigitte Read aka Roman Sock. Even if you don't crochet, do have a look, I really think her patterns are marvellous, and it's hard to realise some of her animals are crocheted at all. She also has some super bag patterns, and up till now has kindly given away all her patterns for free!

I love to crochet and used to do loads when I was younger. Can't knit to save my life, I wish so much I could, but I just don't seem to be able to get the hang of 2 needles. it's the only craft I've found that defeats me! (Hmm, except machine embroidery, of course, but I'm determined to persevere with that, and it's actually fun.) Sadly, knitting + me = no fun!

When I was a teenager I tried really hard and knitted myself a really basic jumper (with huge amounts of help from my mum!!!) The trouble was that, I disliked doing it so much I made it really small and could hardly get it on!

I made Roman Sock's elephant, but all I had to hand was some cheap double knitting wool, so the tension's not right, but I still quite like him.

Then, flushed, with my needle felting success, I tried another teddy. This one is much better shaped, and I am getting the hang of using the needles, but he's not made with as much love as teddy number 1 was!

I bought good quality wool, including gorgeous silk aran, yummy! in the John Lewis' sale, supposedly for a bag for me ( I wonder if I will actually keep it as usually things get given away to other people...) plus wool for more toys. I am spending a couple of days at a friends this week and wanted a project to take with me.

Then I must get on with the next big doll, she is calling loudly and will end up shouting by next week, I'm sure! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Very cute teddy and elephant. I love needle felting. I haven't picked it up for a few months, but it is very fun. Good luck with your new machine foot, I hope all works well. Kitchen re-model, sounds like fun:) Jenna Louise


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