Sunday 4 October 2009

Beautiful Stourhead

Haven't managed to get moving on the craft front yet - but I have been out and about and I know there are a couple of you who enjoy looking at the beautiful English countryside, so here are a few piccies.

We've been to Stourhead which is a beautiful Palladian mansion, and incredible landscape garden owned by the National Trust. It really is stunning.
Stourhead garden was created by Henry Hoare II in the 1740s. Basically, the River Stour was dammed to form a huge lake. Hoare laid out a landscape garden around the lake (as you do!) to entrance his guests with stunning views and "pacify them with serene walking pleasure". I like that!
As the garden developed, he added classical features, such as the Temple of Flora, the Pantheon, the Temple of Apollo, Gothic ruins and underground grottos to enhance the amazing views. Oh, and for those of us of a certain age the house was used as the model for Lady Penelope's mansion in "Thunderbirds". My beloved was really impressed with that fact!
There's also a huge estate with loads of walks and wildlife, the village itself, just a few cottages , a marvellous C18th inn and a wonderful courtyard, where on entering we found these guys performing!

They were actually traditional English Morris dancers - from the Netherlands!
These piccies don't do it justice, if you take a look on the link above there are more professional ones. The little rabbit, (who was only feet from me) is a special photo for my blogging friend Shell. He practically hopped out and posed.


  1. What a beautiful place. I haven't been to England (yet!) but I'm one of the ones that loves seeing pictures of your lovely countryside and also the amazing historical buildings. I love the fact about Penelope's palace - I loved watching the Thunderbirds when I was growing up. Barb

  2. Wow thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures:) Blessings to you Jenna Louise

  3. What super photos! You're making me homesick though...

    How's the drawing course going? I've been reading your OCA blog, but was sorry to see it drop off so soon. Post, girl, post!!=) You have fans waiting!!!!!!


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