Saturday, 12 December 2009

A lovely day...

So, it's my birthday, and I've got to the age where I stop counting or caring about how old I am!

I had a lovely day with lots of cards and some very nice pressies, and got taken to Clevedon to visit the excellent craft shop there. My lovely mum in law treated us to lunch in a super Italian restaurant, so no cooking for me today. ( When you are born in December evening meals out are a real pain as every one's booking their Christmas celebrations.)
So I'm just having a relaxing evening, and feeling guilty thatI still haven't done any Christmas shopping! I'm usually finished in November, and all packed by now, but the kitchen work has taken it's toll.

I have sorted all my threads and craft cupboard out though, ready to begin stitching, as I have finally come up with an idea! And I've re-organised all my art things to re-start my course after Christmas. It's a start!

When we came back to the car this evening there was a fabulous sunset over the old Victorian Pier at Clevedon, of course we had no camera, but I did find this shot on the internet, which gives an idea how it looked. I still haven't had time to go on it, I have promised myself I will next trip!


  1. Hi Jules - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'm a December birthday girl too, so I know what you mean about restaurants all being booked up. What a wonderful looking pier.

  2. Happy Birthday Happy birthday Happy Birthday to you. Hope you get everything you want not everything you need

  3. Happy Birthday! {i'm not late for this year, just early for next year!}

  4. Happy Birthday Jules! (although a little belatedly!) It's great to reach an age where the numbers don't matter any more! Lifes's all about how we feel inside and how we nurture ourselves don't you think? ;) Great to hear you had a lovely day!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you. I love your little crochet elephant, cute. xx

  6. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and best wishes on the new kitchen, can't wait to see it and an organized craft room...oh I dream of it too coming in January:) Blessings to you:) Jenna Louise


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