Wednesday 6 January 2010

"I'm so excited," and cold......

" and I just can't hide it" as the song says. I am the proud winner of a beautiful bear brooch giveaway from Kim, a very talented textile designer and artist who's work I covet, and who's beautiful and descriptive blog "Witchmountain", makes me yearn to be back living in the wilds of the beautiful British countryside again.

I never win anything! So I am "chuffed to mintballs". Thank you so much Kim.

We woke up to 6 inches of snow, it's snowed nearly all day, all the schools are closed and the buses have been suspended - which in a big city like Bristol is not great. But, it looks beautiful, and has transformed everywhere into a winter wonderland. I've been working from home, which I do quite often - thank goodness for technology!

This is the centre of the city today with Bristol Cathedral looking very wintry. (Courtesy of the BBC Bristol website!)

The weather forecast says it will be -7 degrees tonight. Now I know some of you live in parts of the world where it gets really cold, but for us namby pamby British South Westerners that is serious, "curl up on the sofa, under the blankie with a hot water bottle" weather! Tomorrow will probably be very icy, think I'll stay in and do some stitching!


  1. Its a pleasure Jules, thanks for your link to Witchmountain!Bear will be on his way soon I promise.Love the picture of brother lives near Bath and has been sending weather reports from the South West.You'll be glad to hear I got a parcel of books from the village!x

  2. Our southern areas are getting some very wintry weather too....guess it's a northern hemisphere sort of does look very pretty on old buildings and fences and such places.

  3. I'm proud to be a Southwesterner too! Glad you are feeling inspired to make and thanks for introducing me to witchmountain. Have a good day tomorrow.


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