Friday, 8 January 2010

Cold. cold, cold...

I am sitting here wearing two pairs of socks (1 thermal) and furry slipper boots, thick jeans, a long sleeved top and 2 jumpers, and I'm still cold! Actually, the living room is lovely and warm, and I'm going to go and curl up there in a minute.

The freezing weather is set to go on for at least a week with more snow at the weekend. Today I didn't get much creating done as I was catching up on chores. Went to my kinesiologist in an attempt to get my health sorted for this year and I have candida albicans again (which I thought I did!) so no wheat, yeast or sugar for me for a while! Still it makes me feel better, and I'm determined to take care of myself a bit better this year.

Tomorrow will be a curl up and stitch day, I think. My new project is going well, here's the second piece:

A little blue tit.....

The next two pieces are drawn and ready to work on, so I have plenty to keep me busy. Oh, it is fun to be stitching again!


  1. It's so cold here too! A good time indeed to curl up and do some stitching! Love this piece Jules! It's beautiful!

  2. I'm going to start teaching myself embroidery soon... just looking around the web for inspiration and found your blog :)

    I absolutely love the long-tailed tits in your header - we get several of them coming to visit our bird feeder each day so i feel very fondly towards them!

  3. Just started snowing here again too. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your little stitched bird-I was watching goldcrests in my friend's garden this morning and they have the same delicate beauty.

  4. what a gorgeous piece of embroidery :)


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