Saturday, 27 February 2010

Even Grumpyboots get presents....

It is cold, because we don't have any heating at all now. The boiler was apparently on it's last legs. So, now we have to have a new one - and it can't be put in until Wednesday! That's no heat, no hot water, no sofa, the new kitchen in total disarray, and even more expense! But, are we downhearted? - well, a bit, 'cos it's really cold, but actually not too much. Just enough to have a few grumps.

You have two choices, don't you, and in the scheme of things these are just temporary inconveniences. It's easy to forget how lucky I am compared to so many people, I have a home, a job, a wonderful partner, fantastic family and friends, oh, and having an electric shower and a dishwasher helps at times like these! Seriously, today in the office I was talking to a someone who is doing some work for me and the poor guy had just lost his father in law, had a sick baby and a seriously ill friend staying at the weekend - it really puts everything into perspective.

Even in my grumpiness I've been keeping busy and have actually been quite productive.
I have started 2 new dolls at long last. One is cloth, and the other is my first attempt at working on a wire armature. I'm not quite sure who they are going to be yet, it's one of the problems I have, I just make up the pattern as I go along and they just seem to evolve - I can't ever tell who they are until they have a face! So I can never plan what I will use for costuming in advance.

I'm actually quite excited about it and am already planning the next one which will be cloth and clay - as soon as I can find a supplier for paper clay. I asked at our craft shop and explained what it was for, sadly they'd never heard of it! I've been too cold to sit and stitch, so I haven't managed to complete any embroidery or drawing, I'm constantly up and down when I make dolls, so I can keep warmer!

Now for the nice bit:
I had a lovely surprise as my Sacred Word Keeper from Cheryl at Healing Woman arrived earlier than expected! Apologies for gushing, but she is wonderful, I love her! This picture does not do her justice at all.

Please take time out to have a look at Cheryl's amazing art work, and her wonderful blog (take a look at her incredible car!). I am so thrilled to have been the lucky recipient of this gift, it really is beautiful. In addition, Cheryl sent me a copy of her book "Woman within the Web", which I sat and read immediately in one go. What a talented lady- an artist and a writer.

And the crocuses are out! Hooray, spring is sprung (we hope).

Grumpy x


  1. Your gift off Cheryl looks delightful. I looked in her Etsy shop and am now dreaming about a couple of the items.
    Wednesday will be here soon xxJ

  2. Jules,

    Thankyou so very much for displaying my book and sacred wordkeeper. Your photography does them more justice than mine does (I keep saying I need a new camera!) I am so glad that you were the one who won the draw. Otherwise, I might not have been so lucky as to meet such a wonderful person, such as you. Your comment about my women having the look of youth and age and the wisdom of the Goddess moved me..for that is exactly what I try to achieve.
    Thankyou again
    Cheryl ~Healing Woman~
    PS: Hope you stay warm-keep moving.

  3. Hi Jules!
    You don't sound too grumpy to me! You're doing well to keep so chirpy! and you're right; the inconveniences are all relative!

    I look forward to seeing your new dolls emerge.... I'm off to check out the Healing Woman's site... the wordkeeper looks divine..
    Sandi xo

  4. A present is just the thing to send grumpyboots to a happy place. Looking forward to seeing the dolls.

  5. Are you warm again now? Nice new boiler installed? I hope so cos it has been cold. But sunshine today is making me feel better and I hope you are too.


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