Sunday, 28 March 2010

Not a good week

Not much of a post this week I'm afraid. I haven't been able to settle to anything apart from writing a few e-mails as I've come out in a horrible mysterious rash, which is really uncomfortable. I thought it was an allergic reaction, but I've no idea to what. I'm having to take medication, which I hate doing . The anti-histamine made me really dozy. The doctor has taken some blood samples to see if there is an underlying cause.

Plus we are struggling with noisy neighbours.

So not the best week, I hope yours has been much better.


  1. That is soooo strange because I had the same thing last year! It itched intensely and I used to wake in the middle of the night scratching. I have scars! It went on for 6 weeks - all sorts of blood tests, topical treatments, oral meds. Then a new dermatologist took one look and said it started as poison ivy, but then my body's inflammatory response went crazy and the rash spread all over. She said the poison ivy was long gone and yet my body continued the same reaction. I did heavy duty steriods for over 3 weeks (the previous doses had been for only a week each) and FINALLY it cleared. However, she warned me that exposure in the future to poison ivy or any sort of "rashy" condition could cause it to happen again. Hope you avoid that, but at least it was a relief to know it wasn't some horrid disease!

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. If your rash was preceded by a fever, disappears within a few days and then after the rash disappears you get achey joints (particularly the hands) like you have arthritis you may have fifths disease. This is something kids frequently get but for them the symptoms are mild unlike for adults which are not mild. I had this a couple years ago. They thought it was an allergic reaction at first too in the E.R. It was my regular doctor who figured it out. There is a blood test that tests for antibodies you can get.

  3. I hope you get well soon - there's nothing more frustrating than itches.

  4. Certainly and hopefully your doctor would know if you have shingles? A friend of mine came down with it a month ago. She itched all the time. You probably don't have that and I don't want to scare you but best to be sure-there is medication for it if that is what it is..heaven forbid. Hope you are better soon.

  5. Oh, Jules
    just think positive. In the scope of things, this is probably an allergic reaction, which will settle down in a few days. Our bodies are great protectors, if we are doing too much, our bodies tell us in the only way they can to stop us in our tracks!

  6. I'm sorry your week was not good. I hope they can find out what is bothering you and get to the bottom of it. I catch poison ivy really easy and I know how uncomfortable it can be. Stop over and visit my blog for a cheer up. We had a Leadership Conference and I taught a four day fiber arts class and took a quilting class...maybe it will brighten your day:) Jenna Louise

  7. Hi Jules,
    So very sorry to hear about your week. The rash sounds very unpleasant. I'm sensitive to certain foods and perfumes. I was wondering if you have changed your diet lately and started eating something that you don't usually eat or used a new shampoo or scent?
    I have to be careful of highly scented products. Also if you are stressed by the neighbors it will not help... It could be a stress related rash.
    I really hope you feel better soon. I totally understand how you feel. I have had unpleasant neighbors in the past!:(
    Take good care.

    P.S. Thank you for your kind comments about Ziggy. Hoovering pets is not that uncommon!:)

  8. Don't you hate that, hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Sorry to hear that things aren't going well. I hope you're feeling better real soon!


  10. get well soon, have a Happy easter.

  11. Hi Jules!
    I hope you're rash has cleared up.... Horrid when you don't know what it is. I had a skin complaint a few years ago that even had the skin specialist mystified; lots of tests, etc, etc and we were none the wiser... It lasted for a long time but did eventually clear up- on it's own! Hope it's gone and you're feeling better. Hard not to feel self conscious esp. if it's visible to others....

    Hope you had a lovely Easter and that you're feeling happier.

    Mmmmm.... neighbours. They can be challenging sometimes can't they?

    Best wishes, Sandi xo

  12. wow Jules, I hope you will find out what it is and get well. Thanks for the compliments on my newest works.... I love your dolls. Hugs, mica

  13. Hope you are feeling better and less stressed. Stress can lower the immune system I am told, so lets hope the spring sunshine brings you some relief.


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