Monday, 15 March 2010

There have been developments....

Thank you all for your kind words of support. I felt a lot more cheerful after everyone's kind words last week. Well, everything went fine and I got a round of applause for my presentation, which was nice, but very embarrassing! I had hoped to get a lot more work done on my dolls this week, but I was really shattered on Friday, (can't take the pace any more with this travelling about) and, as it was such a lovely day on Saturday I was outside tidying the garden and catching up with loads of washing, cleaning the oven etc.....

But - wait, there is (short fanfare) " Ta da da da dat da"....genuine, real crafty stuff in this post
(ha, I bet that surprised you all!) Yes, it's been a long time coming, but it's here.

First of all though, I want to give my thanks to Wendy at The Frog Palace for her supplies pack, which I won as part of OWOH. Wendy is a mixed media artist, and has lots of creative ideas on her blog. My surprise box was made up of different papers, foils, stamps, buttons, sequins, feathers, gosh, you name it, it was there. She had wrapped each little parcel individually and it was fun to see what was inside, just like Christmas! Thanks again Wendy!

So on to the crafty stuff - I have managed to get the beginnings of a face for doll no 1 (still some work to do around the nose). I bought a brown Pigma pen last year and it has never worked well, it is intermittent, to say the least. It's a bit of a pain as first it won't define, then it does where I don't want the definition. I just keep forgetting to get a replacement. Still, my doll is happy to have had some attention, and I now now what she is going to be, which is always useful! Maybe by the next post I will be able to show you (we hope).

Yesterday and today (extra day off this week in lieu of working last Thursday, hee hee) I have been working on my first clay sculpt with paper clay. I signed up to the Cloth and Clay Dolls Ning Group, and have been doing the video workshop. My first ever proper doll workshop! I have had such fun, and I'm loving the paper clay! So here is my WIP:

She looks a little scary, but I hope things will improve as she is painted! The workshop is for a Prim doll, but I'm not sure if she will be, I feel that she has other ideas already. (Sorry about the poor picture quality, the light had gone by the time I came to take them.)

So- that's two dolls - the other, my armature doll is going to have a makeover now I have discovered the wonder of paper clay, she is presently a disembodied head and body, so no pictures, as some of you may not yet have had your supper..........

I'm a cheery little hoppity skip of a bunny this week ("hooray, at last", you cry!) except I really don't want to go to work tomorrow, I'm having too much fun.

Maybe the sofa will arrive too, hoping....hoping.

Love from Skippity Bunnikins x


  1. Hi over the grumps Jules! So pleased you're feeling much happier! I knew your presentation would go well! Well done! ... and isn't it wonderful how creativity immediately brings well being? I'm intrigued by doll making processes. I've only ever made a simple cut, sew and stuff doll. I will watch on with wonder as they come to life! Sandi x Keep Smiling!

  2. Jules, your painted doll is great. The eyes really glisten on her. Good job! I've been working in paper clay for such a long time. I just love the medium. Stoneware clay is my favorite but working with the kiln is a pain.

    Glad things are going well for you this week.

  3. I think your dolls are looking wonderful! And you are far braver than me to even try the paper clay!

  4. HI Jules,
    Glad you have found a happy place. Playing with dolls is a great cheerer upper.
    I am going to paint one of mine today. Waiting to hear from the insurance company. Hopefully I'll get some word soon so I can start to organize a new car.

  5. Hi friend:) What a great package and I love the dolls. The clay one especially:) Glad things are better I do understand the feelings you are having...good thing we have our crafts to keep us going. Blessings, Jenna Lousie

  6. So glad you're trying the paperclay Jules. You have done a great job on the cloth doll face, but my favourite is always clay. Clay dolls can look alien unpainted, once you paint the face, she will look beautiful!
    Sandy :-)

  7. I'm glad things are coming together on the doll front and you are having fun. I'm intrigued by the way they come to life as you work on them.It's a pity work has to get in the way!

  8. Sorry to hear about your grumpy bubble, but glad to hear that it's popped! :)

    Your painted doll is stunning - her eyes are very Very magickal looking. And I'm excited to see where your clay doll will go.

    I gotta get outside and do some work too - leaves and more leaves everywhere. Hopefully this weekend won't be rainy.


  9. Jules your dolls are just wonderful! I can't draw faces at all. This gal is looking lovely already. I have always wanted to try paperclay, but that involves painting the finished piece and let's just say....I'm not a painter either! hee,hee,hee.
    So glad you had a fun day. Poo on work getting in the way!
    hugs and friends,


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