Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cards and Chickens?

Never say that I am not diverse!

I have been panicking all week. Presents and cards to finish, gardening to do, clothes for wedding to get. Well, I'm part way there, on Thursday we went serious wedding outfit shopping. Andy was a doddle, I sorted him out easily, and he looks really smart in his new outfit. But moi - Aaarggghhh! Clothes shopping I always find a complete nightmare, especially for an event - the shops are full of completely unsuitable things for small, dumpy people - grrr, I do not like fashion! I have got something to wear for one wedding, but the other is still questionable. I even contemplated getting a pattern and making something (yes, I know, Jules making clothes - frightening. I scared myself, believe me.....). The only redeeming thing is I am going to hire hats this week (I love, love, love hats and never get to wear them!)

I finished the wedding cards today. I opted not to stitch, and did something very simple. I used 2 pieces of text I particularly like and thought would be appropriate, then printed them on to silk. I chose two of my floral photos to complement them (the orchids were taken in the Botanical Gardens in Singapore and seemed perfect for the I Ching). This card is for Jessamy, my cousin's daughter, and her fiance Douglas.

The Iris card is for Katherine and Todd, it had to be yellow, as it's Katherine's favourite colour- I wanted something different, and roses seemed too overblown for this poem. I took this picture in Scotland last June and it brought back many happy memories ( except of the midges biting!)

I hope they like them!

I feel mean that I haven't stitched anything for Jess, but I'm not sure of her taste and colour scheme preference, so I'm going to ask her and make something after the wedding. I also need to make something for Katherine's younger sister as it's her birthday in 3 weeks. I have some funky Amy Butler fabric I bought last week, which will make a lovely bag. New doll notes are still sitting on the craft table, plus another gift... Oh well, it will all get done eventually!

Ok, that's cards, now for the chookies! Now, this isn't a joke - I would like to get on my soap -box for a bit. Andy's mum and some of her friends are knitting jackets to help rescued ex- battery hens recover and get a new and happier life, see here! Chickens need friends too, especially these poor little creatures who are so abused as a commodity. I think it's a brilliant idea, and can really help to save their lives. It's so sad that life appears to be cheap for many. I know several people who've rescued battery hens and they usually turn out to be the most lovely , friendly little creatures - and great layers too. I'm going to help Little Hen Rescue now as there is a new design for a fleece jacket - hooray - for us non-knitters. Jackets can make all the difference to a recovering bird, usually all is needed is time, warmth and tlc to go from this:

To this happy ending:

If any of you in the UK have a bored knitter in the family, please consider asking them if they would be willing to do this, and please pass it on! Thank you so much.

That's it, Sunday almost over - have a brilliant week, and I hope the sun is shining on you ! x


  1. Hi Jules,
    I hope you find something soon to wear for the second wedding.:)
    How about a nice Summer dress or top and skirt from Monsoon?
    You could then wear the outfit again as everyday wear!:)
    I really like the wedding cards you have created. Your photo's are beautiful. The Orchid is a lovely idea as it is known as the flower of love.:)
    I feel really sad for the little battery hens. They have a horrible life in those big sheds.
    I wish I could knit well. I would make them all little jackets!
    Hugs to you and have an enjoyable creative week.

  2. It's not only short dumpy people who have a hard time shopping but us tall ones (I'm 6') have a lot of trouble getting length, as well. I think shopping is a nightmare for most of us no matter what we look like!

    The two cards you made for the weddings are beautiful. I'm sure they will be treasured.

    As far as the hens go, I've never even thought about battery hens before? They sure look a lot better with the cute little outfits though...they look well cared for!

  3. Hey! The cards look great and, if I was at home, i'd have a go at the chook jacket - poor little scraps! Those photos make me PROUD to have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years and have not eaten chicken for even longer.=) I don't buy eggs for home use either and rarely get products with them in. So, if you need some knitting later on, let me know and let me have the pattern. I haven't knit since I was a 12 year old girl, but I'd be happy to have a go. Not v practical here at the mo.....=(

    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine and that the weather stays good for the weddings.=) It's our anniversary soon too. Hard to believe that poor man has put up with me for 11 years already - deserves a medal!!

  4. Hi Jules,
    I am with Healing Woman in that I am a 6' tall chubby woman. I could tell you just the place to go in Adelaide if you want to dash over and grab something here. For my son's wedding I wore a pencil pleat silk (fake) skirt with a matching jacket. My friend who is 5' and a chubby girl has the same skirt in a different colour and it looks great on her.
    The cards are beautiful.. Hope you have a great time at the weddings.
    We are going on a Wilderness tour on the Gordon River tomorrow.

  5. Hi Jules,
    You are a busy bee.... I understand your frustration with shopping. My best buy (for my son's wedding) happened in a store - interstate mind you, 15 minutes before the closing bell. I rushed in, found the size rack, found a colour I liked and tried it on! My advice is just trust you will come across the perfect outfit.
    Beautiful wedding cards.
    On the subject of battery hens.... who would have thought that a little knitted jacket would help a hen! I have never seen that.
    What wonderful people there are in the world.

  6. Hi Jules!
    Well, you know I can totally relate to the whole fashion thing!! Ick!!!! Your cards however, are so incredibly lovely! It's so much more fun to decorate things that it is ourselves!
    Finally, I wish I knew how to knit. I think that is the most wonderful project for those poor hens!! Bless their little hearts! Bless your heart for helping them!

  7. Hi Jules:) I know all about cloth shopping...yuck! I did some today for a wedding and no luck. I would rather do I'm also gardening and I hatched baby chicks in eight elementary classrooms recently. Seems as if we are doing some of the same things:) Hope all is good for you:)

  8. Hi Jules
    I too hope you find something you feel good in to wear.It does take so much time finding something, which is crazy when there is so much out there.I love that you have made the cards yourself.
    We have chickens and they are such fun, each with their own personality. Its awful to think of the lives battery hens lead and I'm glad some live to have a better life.

  9. Lovely cards ,Jules-I am sure the recipients will appreciate them. Far more than you value clothes shopping. I have to be in the mood and even then frequently take things back.

  10. my goodness, sweaters and jackets for hens, how wonderful that this helps.

    your cards are lovely and surely will be enjoyed and admired.


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