Saturday, 17 July 2010

I'll be back soon...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, e-mails and cards, what a super bunch you are. I really appreciate all the kind words and thoughts. I will be posting properly very soon, but just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. x


  1. I'm back from your wonderful country! I just posted a bit of my trip but have so much more to say. I was fortunate to have good weather til I got to Ireland and Scotland...rain and wind!!! Anyway, it was wonderful. Hope to read more of your blogs soon...start writing!!!

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better.jillx

  3. Miss you girlfriend. Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)

  4. Hi Jules, I hope all is good for you and things are going well. Blessings to you! Jenna Louise

  5. Hi Jules,
    Really sorry to hear you are not feeling too well. Take good care, sweetie. We will see you again soon, when you are feeling much better.
    Sending you some healing vibes and good wishes.



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