Thursday 7 October 2010

Finally I have time to post....

What a busy few weeks I've had. All good though. The holiday was wonderful and I did not want to come home! I will do a post about it separately as so much has happened since I returned home.

On the following Monday I went to see Jan, who is my new "Life Coach", and who I hope will be helping me make some sense about what I am going to do with the rest of my life! I really enjoyed the introductory session and I'm looking forward to working with her. I did do some coaching a few years ago which was wonderful and was all ready to start my own business. after it seemed we would all be made redundant, but then I got offered a better job at work, so it all fizzled out. Got to get some of that confidence back!

I was back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, then in the afternoon I did an extra P&Q session as our lovely tutor Gail kindly let me come to her other class, as I would miss the Friday one. On Thursday I was packing supplies and equipment before driving Helen and myself to Babbacombe, Torquay on the English Riviera for my three day doll workshop with Patti Culea!

What a wonderful time I had, I really cannot believe it, the venue, Beads for Beauty was lovely, Sylvia the owner is great, so friendly and helpful; and the ladies taking part were a terrific bunch! Patti is just terrific, so talented, and a lovely lady, and also really funny with some wonderful stories to tell. It was a privilege to learn from her, but did we work hard! We did not finish until almost 6 each night plus doing some "homework", and then we only scratched the surface.

Our naked ladies drying in the sun - we don't know what the postman thought!

Unfortunately, as I had so much to pack with 2 of us travelling in my little car, I forgot my camera, so have had to crib some pictures for you from Patti's blog! Here we all are, I am next to Patti - feeling very tall ( as I am only 5 foot myself!) she is such a petite lady.

Li Mei is stunning and pictures do not do her justice. Patti had brought several of her dolls and when you actually see them in reality they are breath taking.

Here is Patti's Li Mei. What a beauty! But lots and lots of work still to be done to my girl......

I still have much to tell, about our amazing 1920's hotel, an experience in itself, which I'll post another day as I still need to catch up with everyone's blogs!

This evening I start embroidery group and I have also begun Pilates and Aqua aerobics on a Tuesday. I can feel my stomach muscles for the first time in two years! I have taken the plunge and joined Weightwatchers this week. Change is going to happen, and my bad habits will go! I am determined.

I'm so looking forward to finding out what all my blogging friends have been up to, and will be visiting you all over the next week. I hope everyone is well and happy. x


  1. Hi Jules,

    I can't even begin to touch accomplishing all that you have recently.

    The class with Patti sounds like a fairytale. What a fun time you all had and I'm sure your dolls will take on a whole new dimension.

    Life coaches, Weightwatchers and embroidery-to say nothing of Aqua aaerobics-whew! Yes, change really is in the air for you!


  2. What an incredibly uplifting post! I hope some of your motivation rubs off on me(hear that, Tummy?). I can't wait to see pictures of your holiday and your doll, too! Patti is like a God. Her dolls are amazing! Glad you enjoyed yourself so!

  3. Hi Jules! It looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure:) Great can do it! I think many of us struggle in different ways, don't feel alone. I just started working with a health coach through our insurance program and I am hoping to take off a few pounds also:) I have been walking my dogs every morning and trying to eat better, it's harder than it used to be but I know what I need to do. Best of luck, know you have a friend supporting you.

  4. Lucky you to take a class with Patti. I have never taken a class with her and I want to so much. Even though I have met her several times the right time has not come yet for me.
    I look forward to seeing your beautiful doll soon.

  5. Your course sounds wonderful. The dolls are great. Have a fun week end xJ

  6. Hi Jules,
    Wow, you sound so busy! :-)
    It was lovely to read your post. I'm glad you had a great holiday. I would like to see your photo's of the Lakes when you have a moment.
    The workshop sounds like great fun and Patti's doll is very pretty.
    It will be lovely to see your doll when she is completed and when she has some clothes on! ;-)

    Thank you so much for your kind messages. I'm glad you found my new facebook page!
    Have a wonderful Autumn weekend and keep enjoying being creative.


  7. HI Jules,
    Great to see you having so much fun Change must be in the air. Loosing weight makes a huge difference. Nothing tastes as good as healthy.
    I did a class with Patti a few years ago she was great fun

  8. Hi Jules,
    Your enthusiasm really rubs off on me,and I need it so thank you. I am glad the course was wonderful, the doll looks very pretty.I do an exercise class and it has trimmed me down quite alot.
    HUgs Jill


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