Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy Blogversary dear Jules.....

I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year celebrations!

To add to the occasion, I am celebrating two years of blogging today. I will be doing something to mark the event - but, for my first post this year - as I like to be diverse and because I'm so excited and pleased, I just have to share this amazing fact.

I am knitting.

Really, actually knitting - and (even more amazing,) actually understanding it! I am even enjoying myself.

Why on earth am I posting about this, you ask? Well, dear friends, this is a major turning point for me - after about 45 years I have finally beaten my evil nemesis, and broken the taboo of 'one needle good - two needles bad'.

I know I am a late starter, I didn't drive until 38, taught myself to swim at 45, conquered the fear of sewing machines at 46..... so I thought, ' Good grief, you're 50 woman, pull yourself together, how hard can it be'?

I mean, I was taught as a child, I knew the principles, but I could never understand what to do when I went wrong, and couldn't be bothered to wait around and find out. Unless my mum or auntie was there to sort it out and pacify me, my reaction would inevitably involve my throwing wool and needles on the floor and stamping on it - hard. Do not try this at home.

But, at long last, the Internet has triumphed again, as within 2 minutes of watching a video tutorial, a really helpful American lady had solved all my problems. I bought wool (chunky) and needles (huge) and I'm making a very simple cardigan - Me! Ms 'I can't knit and am actually quite proud of the fact'.

The evidence
: 'Confessions of a novice knitter'

Chuffed to mintballs I am.

That's All Folks..... x


  1. Grandma would be proud of the pair of us! (2010 was the year I finally mastered purling, you see.)
    Check out Ravelry - I'm rosyjess on there.

    Love, Jess x

  2. Way to go, Jules! Yay! I knit, but only easy stuff, and just finished up some scarves. Kudos.

  3. Good for you Jules. You have to go and look at Ravelry there are so many patterns so much eye candy. congrats on the knitting.

  4. Jules
    I am so pleased. I have knitted since I was about 5 years old.(not very well back then!)
    I love the click clack of the needles and the feel of the wool. Let me congratulate you on your neat even stitches! Getting even tension when you knit makes all the difference to the look. Your knitted piece looks great. Well done, and that's another thing we have in common.....

  5. I cheat. I use one of those loom knitters. You won't believe the glorious scarves that can be made by them. I know how to knit the real way though and there is more satisfaction in that but sometimes I just look at the end result and like the fact that I still can say I made it.

    I love the fact that you challenge yourself into doing new things all the time. You experiment and learn. Makes life very interesting doesn't it?

  6. Good for you! But as for me, not only am I a late bloomer, when it comes to knitting, I fear I am a "never bloomer"! Happy Blogiversary!!

  7. This is all so exciting: an anniversary- Congratulations!!!
    and you are knitting, how very fun!

    Wishing you ongoing fun with both.

    lovely 2011 to you ~

  8. Happy Anniversary! It's great to have you as a blogging friend:) I do a little knitting also between quilting and sewing projects. I am currently making me a's cold outside:)

  9. There's no stoping you now Jules, knit one purl one!

    Happy New Year lifelong learner!

  10. Happy New Year! Happy knitting! Happy Blogging. What a great way to start the year Jules. Congrats on your new found knitting talents.

  11. That is so cool Jules! I'm trying to pick knitting up and I'm a bit older than you. I keep ripping out because I'm not happy I think with the yarn but a friend kindly donated it so I feel obligated to make something with it. Maybe I'll do a small lap blanket. Love the purple color.


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