Thursday, 17 February 2011

OWOH Winner - Please meet Emily Claire

Thank you so much to everyone who so kindly participated in OWOH this year. It's lovely to 'meet' so many of you, and I apologise to those who left a comment in the last week or so, as due to a domestic issue, I have just not been able to say thank you by leaving a reciprocal comment, or coming to visit your blog. I hope you have all enjoyed your flight and hope to get round to visiting everyone very soon.

Now, on to the exciting news. The winner of my surprise gift is Annie from Must Love Paint.

Congratulations Annie!I would like to introduce you to little Emily Claire.

She is 6.5 inches tall, with button jointed, poseable arms and mitt hands. She is weighted with glass pellets so she can sit down more comfortably. Emily Claire's cotton dress has a blue silky sash (of which she is very proud) and vintage lace sleeves.

( Showing off her sash - again!)

Her hair is hand dyed Wensleydale fleece.

She is very excited about going on such a long journey to Australia and her new home. Unfortunately, she is rather a chatterbox and can't stop asking me questions about it, but I know you will be very understanding. She is only six and three quarters after all!

This little doll is a new departure for me, but I enjoyed making her so much, I think there may be some more of this type on the way. x


  1. Congratulations, Annie! As an owner of one of Jules' lovely doll creations, I can attest to what great friends you and Emily Claire will become!

  2. Thank you so much, I am so delighted to be the winner of Emily Clarie. She will have a beautiful home, down under in Australia.

    Thank you too, Melissa for your congratulations.

  3. Congratulations Annie! What a treasure Emily Claire is! Beautiful Jules!

  4. A very sweet doll to have won. Lovely to read Jules' blog and find out a little about her.

  5. Many congrats to the lucky winner - twasn't me but I won anyway I found your blog X Hilda

  6. Congratulations to Annie. How lucky to have won your beautiful doll Jules!

  7. What a darling little doll. Congratulations to Annie she is so lucky.

  8. I love how much care and attention you put into your dolls! :)

  9. Ah, congratulations to Annie for winning this precious doll.
    I love Emily Claire's red hair and she has the sweetest face Jules!
    Such beautiful work. ;-)
    Jo. x


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