Sunday, 13 February 2011

The poppies are singing?

I went down with a horrible virus last week and ended up in bed. So I'm behind again, and frantically trying to catch up with myself as usual, as I keep sleeping really late. I suppose it's an after effect. (Ha! or a good excuse for being lazy!).

So - enough of all that, and on to important things! Mainly a big Thank You to all the lovely people I have met on OWOH, who have decided my ramblings and art might keep them amused and are following me. It's lovely to welcome you here.

In the latest twist on my creative journey, here's something a little different. I'm singing again. I have joined Rock Choir.

Many years ago I sang and acted regularly on stage but due to my personal circumstances. I had to give up, and the only singing I have done since is around the house. (Well, at least Andy always know where I am......)

It's great being able to sing properly again, and it's such fun. In May, about 8,000 of us, from all over the UK are going to Wembley Stadium in London to perform a huge concert, which should be amazing. It's another area of creativity that was closed off to me, but is now re-opening again.

I did some small watercolour paintings today as a friend who is starting a business wanted a logo and asked me if I could design something. It had to be a single stemmed poppy. So I put off finishing the dolls, and tried to come up with some very different styles/ideas for her that could be worked up into a design. The photos are not great, it's so dull and overcast here again; but I thought I 'd show the pictures.

This one is more 'Naturalistic' I think.

This is a little more stylised.

This one is sort of 'after Mucha', but more painterly? Shirley Trevena? ( I wish - I'm such a fan!)

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to just paint something simple. x


  1. Hi Jules, I love poppies. The are so fragile.
    In Germany we just see them at the edges of some harvest fields, but a couple of years ago, when I was for holidays in Poland I saw fields of poppies, this was so amazing.
    Have a happy valentine
    Greetings from

  2. The poppies look great! My fave is the first one. Hope your friend picks one!

  3. Loving the water colors, Jules!! And you sing, too! Man, some day I will be able to say, "I knew her when..." You go girl!

  4. I can't paint anything *but* something simple. Even that doesn't look too hot.... Sigh, I'll be hard pressed to be good at all the things I'm interested in and, as I have a hard time enjoying them when I'm not good at them, I find it hard to conceive that I could improve!!!=)LOL

    I like the first poppy best, although all are good. Sorry to hear you've been ill though - I lost about the whole of December to 'flu and have also been down with a virus of late.

    I love to sing too, but I'm usually too shy....

  5. Hi Jules,
    I love your painting. I like the first poppy too, but they are all beautiful and have that fragile look. How talented you are. I have tried to paint, but.........I can't draw much either. Some people have just got it! Have fun singing too. It lifts the spirit. :-)

  6. Beautifully painted Jules. Glad to know you are feeling better now.

  7. Hi Jules, I don't know what it is about poppies but I do love them with their deep reds and black centers...
    Hugs from New Hampshire,

  8. You have many many talents Jules,I love these poppies.

  9. I do hope you quickly feel stronger again - so many nasty viruses around these days :0(
    How beautiful these poppies are - each so delicate and ethereal. Your friend may well have problems choosing which one!
    So truly awesome to be able to sing within such a large group of people and at Wembley too. I have so many fond memories of singing with choirs and on stage too... but never in such enormous numbers. How tremendously exhillerating it will be..... enjoy!! Its wonderful that you are rediscovering previous passions again.
    Hugs Jo xxx

  10. What a multi talented lady you are Jules! I love the poppies, especially the middle one. You make it look effortless.


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