Sunday 27 March 2011

Lots of sewing ......

It has certainly been a mad month of March for me, with so much going on, I don't know if I am coming or going, and on many days I have not even had time to log on the computer at all!

My friend Jayne opened her shop Poppy Patchwork on Wednesday, and I spent all day Monday helping her to get set up, which was great fun, but really exhausting. You don't realise how heavy fabric bolts are until you have to move 250 of them quickly! However, it was all worth it, and the shop is looking great.

I just wanted to share the doll I have designed and will be teaching in June. (As long as enough students register!) She has now gone on display in 'Abigail Crafts*' so fingers crossed...

Abigail is very much a cloth/sewn doll as the audience will be primarily quilters and stitchers. Her face is much more simple than normal, as I have tried hard to do something which will be easy for first time dollmakers to follow. Making her so others can create her has been a real challenge for someone who can't follow instructions herself- and the teaching notes very hard to do - but it's been fun.

She is off to quilting class with her little bag and quilt top ready for completion.

Hope everyone is having a great spring so far.x

* The shop website is being updated so I don't show up yet!


  1. I envy you your taking a workshop,I'm sure it will be such fun and good to meet new peop;e. Your doll is lovely,I'm certain you will get lots of people. Wish i lived near by
    hugs Jill

  2. Oh great Jules, you'll be teaching a class in June! We both have some excitement ahead since my class is in August. I am only taking 5 and so far have 3-just 2 more! Good luck with yours, I just know it will be a success. I love that little doll you are teaching to make.
    Also, the name of the cloth shop is wonderful. Wish we had a neat sewing shop like that here but all we have is Joan Fabrics. Oh well.

  3. Oh this is amazing,
    I love your doll, her legs and shoes are fabolous.

  4. Abigail is fabulous Jules! I so wish I lived near you so I could be a student of your class. How fun! Congratulations and best wishes for your friends shop!
    xx, shell

  5. She is awesome. Love the colours you used and I am sure you will get many students. Wishing you best of luck with the class.

  6. Oh how cute is she!?! I love the use of the print for her legs!

  7. Hi Jules, I love your new doll:) only wish we lived closer as I would register for your class. Have you ever thought of doing one online.
    Hugs Annie

  8. Hi Jules, The Poppy Patchwork sounds like my kind of shop!
    I love fabric shops and all of the colours you can find.
    It's good to hear you are creatively busy at the moment. Your new doll is very pretty. Another redhead! ;-)
    Hugs. xxx

    P.S. Did you used to like Holly Hobby when you were young?
    I did! :-)

  9. I love your doll and her little bag. Congratulations on the openong of poppy Patchwork.

  10. Jules,
    your doll is charming and such wonderful character and details! Congrats on writing the instructions out, that does sound challenging!

  11. Oh Jules, what a charmer she is! And how well turned out too with her gorgeous shoes, bag and cheeky garter! I'm certain your new class will adore her and give them much to inspire!
    Hugs Jo xxx


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