Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dolls and Dolls and Dolls

This is a real doll -filled post. They are not all complete, but I thought you might like to see what I've been up to.

I had a really wonderful time at my first workshop last week. I had seven wonderful ladies who all worked so hard making Abigail, and it was such fun to teach. Unfortunately I was so pre-occupied with workshop stuff that I forgot to take my camera. I'll be more prepared next time.

So, onto the dolls:

Here is Poppy, the cloth doll mascot for Poppy Patchwork, she's very relaxed and is positioned to welcome customers to the shop. ( She puts me in mind of the actress, Alex Kingston.)

Here's the almost finished Lei Mi, double Cinderella (still no shoes). But she's dressed - at last. All the silk used was dyed or hand painted. The Obi and flower fabric was made on the embellishing machine. The Obi is beaded and the tiny roses are made with silk ribbon I hand dyed.

She is a real labour of love and only gives me more respect for the wonderful Patti Culea for devising and creating the original masterpiece! I must make her some shoes, sometime.

Now for something a bit different. Remember these two from earlier in the year?

This strange unidentifiable object has become......

Boxing Granny!

She's my homage to 'When I am old, I will wear purple, with a red hat' and those wonderful 'I don't care anymore', standing up for themselves, no-nonsense elderly ladies. No one is going to mess with her, and she's doing just what she wants.

I especially liked making the little handbag.

Baggy stockings, de rigeur ( Anyone remember Norah Batty?)

Her jewellery and handbag clasp was created from some of my lovely Auntie Nell's dress jewellery pieces. I think Auntie Nell would have approved. They were real fun, but the leather boxing gloves were a nightmare to turn. Her box has yet to be completed....

Finally, here's that tiny doll, who's now had three heads.

Big headed......

has finally turned into a little Manga fairy! Just waiting for her costume now.

I hope the girls like their new friends - I think the jury is out at present. x


  1. Hey Jules! Wonderful to hear from you. Your dolls look fantastic. You always give them the most beautiful, sparkling eyes! Their outfits are gorgeous and the detail - WOW!


  2. Hello Jules,
    your dolls are so incredible.
    I love all this little details, the socking and dolls of the first doll,the corsage of the second doll.
    The hair of them all.
    This is nothing less than perfect!
    Have a great wekend

  3. oh my my, you are so talented! These are all wonderful as are all the details! I love that purple dress and the expressions and details of their faces are wonderful!

  4. I,m very glad you workshop was such a success. All the dolls in the photos must have been such fun to make its true you are very talented

  5. These are all fantastic Jules! The baggy stockings on the granny made me laugh so hard! Wonderful creations girlfriend!
    xx, shell

  6. Wow Jules you have been busy. I especially love "granny" i tease my children saying i aim to grow old disgracefully, they just grimace at me x x

  7. Such Lovely work Jules, I love those shoes!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time teaching and the ladies had a wonderful time making some lovely dolls.


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