Thursday, 24 November 2011

Attitude Fairies

'Here I come! Where's the nearest Christmas Tree?'
'I just live to sparkle....'
'Can my bow get any bigger?'
'Rear elevation - I'm cute from the back too!'
'I love my  wings!'
'Check out my teeny tiny boots!'

'Thank You!'
 'Whew, I'm tired after all that. I'll just have a little rest'

'Hey lazybones!'
 'What are you sitting around for?'
'Check out my super sparkly wand -and my sooo cute dress!'
 'My flower is much prettier than your bow!'
'But does my bum look big in this?!'
'Boots? Got them too!
' Do you want to  come and play?
 'Let's be BFF!'
Pattern available soon.........


  1. They are so sweet Jules, I think I like the last one best!!! will there be any more?

  2. Adorable wee faerie folk, i love their boots.

  3. I love these little fairies - they put a smile on my face.

  4. I love the blue one!!!! It is her face, I think...she is talking to me!

  5. Your lovely fairies are delightfully sweet & so nicely made. :)


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