Monday 14 November 2011

Latest Design:Sneak Preview

Thank you to everyone who commented on the needle keeper tutorial. I'm  so glad you enjoyed it!

I thought I'd pose a bit of a teaser today. I apologise about the shadow on the photos.As you probably know, we Brits  just love to talk about our weather.  A rainy  day brings the chance of an interesting conversation with a complete stranger.... 
Well, after an unseasonably sunny weekend, today brought a serious case of 'bad light stopped play'.  In our other national game, cricket, there is actually an official minimum light level, which the referees (umpires) monitor using a photographer’s light meter. Once the light goes below it, then they stop playing (yes, it's sad I know this, sorry,  but I grew up with a cricket mad elder brother....). 

Trying to stitch today has been  challenging to say the least - and trying to take a half decent photo, hmm, well, best not mentioned!

So, under the beam of my trusty desk lamp - here is a peek at my latest design in progress. I wonder if anyone can guess what  it's going to be? It's not my 'normal' type of subject, but I'm having great fun with it!

Any guesses?


  1. What a good guess Papillon just made! I think she may be right. You are tempting me to get back to some embroidery work. I'll watch to see what develops.

  2. I was thinking a swing too with a little girl or someone on it.


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