Sunday, 4 December 2011

New embroidery design - Don't mess with Miss M!

Remember the sneaky peak of a few weeks ago? Here's the finished picture.

This Little Miss Muffett
 has a big spoon - and intends to use it - however she needs to.......

                            No matter how hard mischievous Mr Spider tries to charm her.

 She's holding on to her curds and whey for dear life -

 and she does not want to get her new pink shoes dirty!

This is the first of my new 'Nursery CRimes' designs, which I've just finished stitching. I've used a variety of stitches including bullion knots, coral stitch, Portuguese knotted stem stitch and  turkey work - but  I think it would also work up well in just simple back stitch, which I  may try - when I get time....  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Jules x

'Nursery CRimes -Embroidery Designs' Copyright Julie Woolford December 2011


  1. Oh how sweet with the little spider

  2. wow Nursery crimes sounds interesting. Is it a spider stalking or assault with a deadly spoon? either way looks great.

  3. Nifty idea! Looking forward to seeing the others. And YAY! I guessed the teaser correctly.=)

  4. These are adorable. Your stitches are neat and beautiful, too!



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