Wednesday 18 January 2012

TAST Week 3: Just feathers

Thank you so  much  all those who left me such kind comments and good wishes, I really do appreciate it. I was determined to  do this week's challenge, but It was difficult to get inspiration. My  brain is very foggy . So it's a bit of a cheat as I am  nowhere up to  speed, and again  sorry the stitching is not great.  This is my homage to Durer's 'Patch of Weeds'.  Feather stitch,  double feather, knotted feather, chain feather, Maidenhair stitch and Spanish knotted feather stitch.

Now it's off to the Chiropractor again, and hopefully it will be less painful this week. She won't let me do any thing after the appointment, hence my  frantic needle work this morning!

On  a much happier note - if you haven't already  seen it , do visit my  friend Elizabeth's blog  Sew in Love, for a really excellent tutorial on assembling a stumpwork flower. There's a previous one too, on creating wired  needlelace elements for stumpwork  which has just been featured by Sharon on Pintangle today! Hooray!


  1. Well, I think the sample looks great! Simple is often the most effective. Having said that, I plan an undersea scene with an applique fish and both its scales and the plantlife in feather stitch all on the rest of the blue dyed piece I used for the bugs!! Waste not, want not...

    Thanks SO much for the link! That's now 5 places that have linked to the needlelace elements tute - Pintangle, Craft Gossip, a French tute listing, someone'e Facebook and your delightful self!=)

    Sending you painfree well wishes (and fearing I'm going down with something again myself....)

  2. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    I like your interpretation of Week 3. Hope you are fighting fit soon.

  3. It does look like a patch of different weeds together, and you've got a great range of stitches in there - well done! Especially if you're having chiropractic treatment, it does sometimes turn off the brain!

  4. Your work is great. Your doing so much better than me. I haven't done one week yet despite my good intentions. I left my get up and go somewhere.

  5. Hi Jules,
    Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling too well. It sounds very painful, twisting your pelvis.
    I hope you feel much better soon!
    Your sewing sample is exquisite and very fine work too. I have told Shell that I'm starting sewing again and just working on small projects to start with, so I will be visiting here for some lessons and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your sewing skills and technique!

    Take good care and have peaceful weekend,
    Jo. xx

  6. Beautiful feather stitches, thanks for comment on my blog and have a nice weekend.

  7. quite wonderful
    i have a passion for stitching but have not done it much lately


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