Friday 27 January 2012

TAST week 4: creating Cretan - and some questions

I had real trouble with Cretan  stitch, we just didn't seem to be getting along at all, but I  finally came up with this little boat bobbing on the blue Agean Sea. I'm not thrilled.

So  I decided to try something different. It's been grey, cold and hailstorming, but finally we had some frost and brightness this morning,  so I made some silvery, icicle adorned, frosted  Cretan leaves, stitched on to  cosy warm grey felt. A bit better, I think.


Now, can anyone please help -   I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm wondering where I'm going with this blog, and with things in general. I thought I had a clear idea, but I seem to keep wandering. It has become more embroidery/hand stitching biased,   but because I enjoy so many different styles, from  fine embroidery to much more simple contemporary styles, I wonder if it's just  becoming too diverse?  I am  just not sure if I should go down one specific route or continue to dot around. I feel that most of the stitching blogs I read are much more focussed! 

I also wonder if most of the tutorials are really appropriate to my readers (and thank you so much  to all the very kind people who regularly brighten my day by dropping in, commenting and e-mailing)  I really started doing them  for people new to stitching and sewing. But it seems to me that most of my readers are highly skilled anyway!

Any thoughts or constructive criticism  would be really welcome. This is one of those times when creating feels an extremely  lonely and isolating thing. Thank you!


  1. Both interpretations of cretan stich are gorgeous. Congratulations.

  2. Nice Cretan stitching!
    As for your question: Your blog is entitled 'Adventures in Thread' so I think the thread should be taking you on a journey through whatever stitching style strikes your fancy at any given time. I, too, like a variety of embroidery, and look forward to seeing new and different stitch applications and projects.
    I don't think one should be restricted to a particular kind of stitching unless, of course, you Want to be. Just MHO

  3. I feel confused lately about my blog. I seem to jump from one thing to another
    I have far to many started things. Then today woke up and thought I worry I am boring. I know I let myself be too influenced by the wonderful things I see on peoples blogs and
    keep trying to do lots of things that aren't really me. So I decided I will finish things and stick to my way and just enjoy looking at other peoples work. I always look forward to reading your blog ,you write well and I have been trying out the stitches,as that is something I really needed to do.In some way I feel I know you perhaps its that I live in this very quiet place and do fight feeling lonely and isolated as well.

  4. Jules I think your stitching beautiful and you have so much of talent. Just do what your heart says you to do and not worry about if you should be focusing on one thing or the other. Follow your heart.

  5. I know you visit my blog, and the only focus that can be said to have is "done with a needle"!

    Since you have called it "Adventures in Thread" without specifying anything in particular, I think wandering from technique to technique is perfectly justified. You might find that the more you do, the more a particular set of techniques appeal and you start to concentrate on those. In the meantime, enjoy playing!

  6. I just love to look at what you're working on, and maybe get inspired along the way :) I've always thought of your blog as a personal blog; the "what I did today" kind, but with a crafty focus. So to me it's nice that it's fairly diverse depending on what you're working on :)

    I suspect it mainly depends on what you want to achieve from your blogging. If it's mostly for you then the question is whether you're enjoying it - and as long as you are, that's the "right" answer. But if you're hoping for advertising or something, then I've heard rumours that more focus is better.

  7. I just found your blog through TAST.
    Sew what you want and what you enjoy at the time. Today I'm into TAST and crazy quilting. Last year it was machine embroidery. Who knows what I'll be sewing in six months. If you sew what makes you happy, I'll come back and read your blog. Hugs Kathy

  8. It's your journey with thread so please yourself. It's certainly what I do.

  9. the little boat in cretan stitch is so funy ! I like it

  10. Your wintry branches are lovely! (and if you want to see a blog with no focus but creativity and stretching boundaries by not one, but TWO people, check out mine LOL. My daughter and I figure we're doing this for our own fun and if someone else enjoys it too, then great! We do a lot together, so it made sense to do it all in the same place.)

    Happy Stitching!
    Gail from

  11. ... and I really like your blog's banner!

  12. I like your silver leaves! It is nice when a blog is focused on one subject, but a blog with several subjects works also (like mine).

  13. I like your work and agree with the others about your blog and I like variety!

  14. Hi Jules!
    Love your leaves! As for your blog direction, you're on it! Just like others have said, your blog title is "Adventures in Thread." You are wide open to travel down whatever road you want! I think you are so multi talented that it can be hard to focus on one particular thing. Follow your heart.

  15. Diversity is enjoyable ! Please, go on.

  16. Your stitching is lovely. I agree with the others, I find it much more interesting to read a blog which has a variety of things shown- you obviously have many talents- share them all with us! It's YOUR blog- you have only to please yourself. When I began my blog, I thought it would only be about quilting and crazy quilting. But over the years, it has diversified to include photography, gardening, my love of reading and other things as well, sprinkled with a little family news for those who live far from us. My readers seem to enjoy the diversity. Follow your own path....

  17. Your cretan leaves on felt came out so lovely. I was hoping to do the same but mine came out scrunched up.
    As to your blog, it's yours and you should do whatever you want to on it. I find myself jumping around too sometimes but that's the blessing of creative people... that talent can't be contained. :)

  18. The silver against the grey looks beautiful. As for your blog, why confine yourself to one thing when you obviously enjoy the variety? It is too easy to become overwhelmed by blogs that appear to have more focus and to forget that it is perhaps because they only do one type of creating. Treat it like a diary which will give you hours of pleasure looking back at all the wonderful things that you have done.

  19. Hi Jules,
    Just read your post and the comments above and I agree. Variety is the spice of life! ;-)
    I like that you dot around with different sewing ideas and as for me, who is trying to get motivated into sewing again, your blog posts are ideal!
    I will be looking back at your older posts soon to brush up on those sewing techniques.
    The silver leaves on the grey felt are delicate and so perfect. Love the soft textures with the small beads.
    Thanks you for your lovely comment at my place. It is good to see you back and I hope all is well. I totally understand about hibernating. ;-)

    Much love and hugs.
    Jo, xx

    P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing the lovebird embroidery pieces you talked about!

  20. I think you should blog about all the things that interest you, that you love and we'll all grow together. That's what blogging is about to me. Learning, inspiration, friendships.

    I love your silver leaves on the gray. The Cretan stitch has freaked me out so that I've not done it or the one following, and now tomorrow the new stitch comes out.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  21. I just found you via Craft Gossip & I am loving looking at all of your different work. Please don't try to narrow it down; be your wonderful, diverse self!!
    And thank you; I am a follower now! :-)

  22. Just discovered your blog today and I'm really enjoying looking through your old posts.

    I also had trouble with cretan stitch, took a few tries until I hit upon an idea that worked. Your silver leaves look wonderful!

    Regarding your blog, don't change a thing. I personally adore seeing all the variations people come up with using textiles, in any form. Nothing wrong with having multiple interests.


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