Monday, 13 February 2012

It's a CRime.

Oh No! Another Nursery CRime is just about to be committed. Little Red strides along happily - little knowing that  Wolfie is watching and has plans for her - and her basket of goodies for Grandma.

But Little Red is a very  feisty and determined young lady - I don't think Wolfie will give her much trouble -
 no matter how much he bats his eyelashes and fluffs up his fur! He's in for a big shock.

I've always felt really sorry for the wolf in Red Riding Hood, so I decided he'd be cute in this design - and there will be no chopping up of any kind!

I decided to use predominantly outline stitches for this embroidery, as it was inspired by an old story book with lovely 1950's  linear illustrations. The stitches used are: Back stitch, Straight stitch, Satin stitch, Stem stitch, Portuguese Knotted stem stitch, Pearl stitch, Chain stitch, Chinese Knots and Bullion Knots.

This would look nice as a  nursery cushion panel, I think. After a really horrid week last week I got some wonderful news from my family on Saturday- which has focused my mind on projects for very little people!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who is celebrating it tomorrow.

'Nursery CRimes -Embroidery Designs' Copyright Julie Woolford February 2012


  1. Yes, I think if Wolfie tries anything with that young lady he'll meet a frying pan coming the other way...Maybe better to stay in the forest1

  2. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  3. I would like such news,it would definatly inspire me too.
    This embroidery has got a lovely old fashioned look about it.
    Hugs Jill

  4. Really lovely, I think the poor wolf is probably an indication of destruction of habitat and natural food sources. He looks a bit nervous of your feisty Red striding along. Love it

  5. How cute is that! I love it. It is beautiful.

  6. Looks like someone's preggers....=)

    Did the wolf get mutilated in the 'real thing' then? I can't remember!

  7. Beautiful Jules! Just discovered your blog through Michelle, as a neophyte embroiderer I was wondering what stitch you used for Red Riding Hood's hair? It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your lovely panel, Deb

  8. Jules - this is lovely and so beautifully stitched. I always felt sorry for the wolf too so I love the way you have portrayed him! Sounds like some very happy family news :)


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