Friday, 16 March 2012

My new employee....

I've been busy designing and researching so many new ideas with little time for embroidery, boo hoo. But at least today I took the birth 'sampler' I have designed for my new great-niece, Emily, to my framer. It should be ready next week!

I have managed to use my lovely 'new' old machine - and  grappled with making a new pattern!
May I introduce you to Bertie - my  Adventures in Thread helpmate.

I wanted an old fashioned look but with a modern twist  -  what do you think?

Bertie is a prototype,. There is a specific reason he is a bunny, which will probably become clear in future posts.... I still need to make some adjustments to the pattern, but overall I rather liked him,  he's quiet, he sits beautifully and is very patient - my  ideal requirements in  a companion. Heh Heh.

His wee scarf was lovely to crochet, ( I have been crocheting a baby blanket  for Emily which  has turned out well, but was interminably long to do!)  I think I shall make him  a few more  so he can have his very own wardrobe. Andy  put his scarf on in  a more 'masculine way' - he didn't think my drapery was appropriate for a boy bunny! ( It's a man thing.)

Off now to get ready for teaching part 2 of my doll class tomorrow.

Happy creating!x


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