Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter - Weasels? and Bunnies

I'm  feeling guilty again! No time for TAST, but I do have some new friends for you.

On April 1st (Such a great date, hee hee!) my beloved was 50 years young!

I'm  sure may of you have those family 'in jokes' that become part of your lives, and which no-one else understands.Some of you will have noticed my odd 'weasely' e-mail. Well, Andy has strong sympathies with these much maligned and actually very intelligent and cute animals. So much so, that I had to create his very own Malcolm Weasel for his special birthday. He is very  mischievous and inquisitive (and a big, big, show off!).

 'I want a big close up'

  'Let me show off my bow tie!'

Malcolm  loves dressing up, but costumes are too hot for weasel fur, so he has a hat wardrobe.

'Harry  Potter, eat your heart out'

Well, now you know - we are completely in our own little world here!

From weasels to yet more bunnies. Here's Borro, the Romany Bun ready to  go off on his travels. He has a smart new embroidered felt jacket he's rather proud of.

On the way he found Baby Beach Bum Bun (try saying that in a hurry!) soaking up the early spring sunshine.

Malcolm eyed up Borro, but decided he'd rather make a new friend of this giant lepus!

I am longing to stitch - but as you see my desk is full of,  what's that... could it be .....a new doll!?

A very, very Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating.  May your basket overflow with eggy goodness. And for those of us who will be working hard over the holiday - don't forget to take a break!


  1. One of my friends had her daughter on April 1st last year. I guess it has some advantages and some down-sides as a birth date, but at least it's memorable! :)

  2. Hi Jules - Malcolm couldn't be cuter and I love his bow tie! I'm looking forward to seeing the new doll!

  3. He is so very cute! Jules thank you for the card. I was away so didn't see it till today. It is a lovely one. Hope you had a lovely Easter,

  4. Malcolm is fabulous! Glad Andy had a wonderful birthday.

  5. Hi Jules,
    did you want to join in our party? Wasn't sure.
    Just let me know!


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