Monday 30 April 2012

Not gone, just hobbling

Thank you everyone who's been  popping in and wondering where I am. I have a recurrent problem with  my pelvis which flared up badly at the beginning of the month,  so I'm currently having intensive chiropractic treatment. Walking is difficult, sitting can only be done in short bursts ( so it's hard to  use my PC for more than  a few minutes at a time - and lying down's not great either! I have to keep moving as much as possible,  so it's hard to get much work done - and I'm pretty tired with the pain.

I just wanted to  let you know here that I'm still around and hope to be recovered soon. Hope everyone who reads this is much healthier than me at the moment. and enjoying your spring. If you're in the UK I hope you haven't got washed away in the rain yet! x


  1. What bad luck especially as it keeps happening.Hope it gets bettter soon.
    Hugs jillxx

  2. How ghastly for you. I hope the treatment works for you!

  3. Oh Jules. I'm sorry you keep having this trouble. I wish it would just go away for good. Sending light and love your way that all will be well very soon.

  4. There is nothing so bad as a mind that says "yes!" and a body that says "no!" I pulled a tendon in my leg last summer and I still am not walking right. It just colors your whole world doesn't it? Hope you are on the mend and will enjoy your old life again soon.

  5. Jules so sorry to hear about your recurrebt problem. Hope the treatment helps you and you are up and about soon. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hi Jules, crummy news about your ailment. Hope it clears up in time for our next meeting.
    Much love - Christine


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