Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hello lovely peeps!
So much has been happening in the last few weeks, I have no idea where the time's gone. The best news is that we have another new family member, my great nephew Charlie was born on 23rd July. Here's the birth sampler I designed for him, the elephants are trumpeting a welcome!

Here's the young man himself - and of course I am totally biased, but he's brilliant. I am  not really good around tiny babies, but Charlie is great, he was handed to me and promptly went to sleep. Granty Jules is very impressed. Even Grunkle Andy held him -  and that  is no mean feat!

I've been busy crocheting  jumpers and jackets - but finding really nice patterns for boys is hard. Girls are no problem, it's easy getting pretty patterns for Emily. If anyone has any suggestions for fun boys clothes I would love to hear them.  I made these for the autumn, but the weather is so  dreadful this year I think I'll be needing to  make lots more.

Life is really changing for me. I have realised that I must make changes to keep healthy. I need  a change of direction. A year working at home on my own has made me realise how much I miss the interaction with people I took for granted in my career in the environmental sector.  For many years I was a mentor and counselled colleagues in  an informal capacity, and I had thought about becoming a formal counsellor. In the autumn I  take my first steps by beginning a degree in Psychology.

I will still do the textile/art work I love, but I have to ration the sitting down, and it will need to be much more hobby status.  I racked my brains for something creative I could do mainly standing up - and which might be saleable. My  niece gave me an idea. Although I  don't think I  have ever blogged about it, I love to cook and bake. In the 80's I made lots of celebration cakes. I've made some wedding and anniversary cakes as one offs in the last few years. When I met Andy I stopped baking as he doesn't like cake (and I would be the size of a small whale if I baked every week!) The short of it is I have taken up sugar craft again and have also started baking for our local Country Market.

Here's my first tiny cake with a wee fairy and some traditional iced fairy cakes. This could be a whole new thing - Dolls in Sugar!!!

I'm not sure what is around the corner on this journey, but we will see.... x


  1. Hi Jules ,thank you for your kind comment.I was very interested to read about your life changes.I had to do that in a way last year when I became so miserable.I went to a keepfit class and kept up the yoga though it was odd.I agreed to do the sewing group and try to invite people fairly often for meals.I realised how isolated I felt after a very busy life working in England and here I did nothing that involved other people.I had no close or family around me.It did help me raise my spirits but i miss my English life. Good luck with your plans they sound exciting.

  2. PS I love the cakes with the little figures jillxx

  3. Sorry, Jules, that last comment was mine. I have new software meant to protect me and it is slightly over zealous, I think!

  4. And now that last comment seems gone!!! Well, let me say again Congratulations on the lovely little man and I LOVE your cake. I'd buy one!!

  5. All terrific, Jules!

    Funny that you've been making baby clothes as one of our Chinese Bible students is having a little girl in November (to finish off their family - already have 2 boys) and I thought of knitting some things for her.=)

    As for boy's clothes, why not just do something fairly plain then embroider stuff on it? You can even do fancy things around buttons. I once saw a kid's top with yellow buttons where the creative mum had embroidered white patches around the button hole and, hey presto - fried eggs! Novelty buttons too, such as planes or pencils with 'trails'.

  6. Embroidery, crochet and lovely cakes. You certainly have many wonderful talents. Change is good and it sounds like you are making the best of it all. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  7. I'm happy for you Jules. Honestly though can one woman be soooooooooo very talented in so many things! You truly are amazing and I'm glad to be your friend and I look forward to following you along on what ever adventure you take.
    Love you bunches!

  8. Oh my Jules, lots of changes, good luck with all that you do. I began a psychology degree a few years ago & loved it, but sadly didn't finish it due to other commitments, i would love to one day. It is a fascinating subject. I adore your sugar doll, im sure these will go down so very well x

  9. Congrats Great Auntie - I agree he looks brillant

  10. I think the cakes are truly inspired, I wish you well in your new ventures.

  11. Hi Jules - Sounds like exciting changes and opportunites. The cake and iced fairy cakes are wonderful. Congratulations on your great nephew - what a sweetie!


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