Monday, 29 October 2012

Not here.... but busy

Hello lovely, lovely peeps, I have missed you so much, but such a lot has been happening over the last few weeks- I have just met myself coming backwards!

I started my first Open University module ( introduction to the Social Sciences) on 6th - my first assignment is due soon. I'm enjoying it, but still finding my feet. 
Where are they?
I can now sit down and really enjoy stitching and stitches again.I'm so very grateful and thankful. Rather than ramble on, I have prepared for your delight -  a whistle stop picture tour of my October. Do you want a peek?
Here we go!

Another birth sampler had to be created for gorgeous little Emily Rose Frances Carlson (another great niece by proxy - sort of).
I called this 'Rainbow Bunnies' but Andy calls it 'Bun Bums'!

I had a fantastic time on my embroidery masterclass with Lesley Turpin-Delport and Nikki Delport-Wepener, learning how to use textured threads from two talented experts.
 Here are some of the etymological creatures on Les' wonderful design.
It's over 25 years since I stitched anyone else's design, these ladies' work is amazing, I learnt so much.
Couldn't resist buying some of Les Designs wonderful threads! Yummy.
Here I am trying to get a decent photo of Les and Nikki's work with my awful phone. My camera was too heavy to take, boo hoo.
I had a beautiful autumn bouquet as a 'thank you' from my smashing MIL, bless her.
This handsome fellow landed on our neighbour's roof! I think the Jackdaw was a bit miffed.

Pretty, pretty, soft and scrummy yarn has been purchased.  The new members of our family - and another born again crocheter in the family (yes, you know who you are!) are being held responsible!
Dr Bob has come to live with us. He was going to be for one the little ones, but I  just didn't feel the yarn was suitable. So I made a little revered waistcoat and scarf and he has became the bunny version of Dr Who! Andy has adopted him....
More crocheting of the mysterious kind....
Whoo Hoo! My sampler quilt - started soooo long ago, is finally finished! Yay! Really glad I did it and never, never, ever doing another one! I'll just admire my all my quilting friend's beautiful work...

Dr Bob says it's very soft and comfy though, so that's made it all worthwhile. 

Happy Halloween to all of you who are celebrating this week. May your Pumpkins be Smashing.x


  1. So pleased to read a blog again from
    you.You have been your rabbit sampler and the knitted one.Good luck with your course.
    Hugs Jill

  2. Your Rainbow Bunnies are lovely. I so envy you for being able to take a class by the famous Master Stitchers. I am so sure it was a real joy to learn from them.

    I have the book Flora and Fauna but was interested in the new book called Just Stitch. Was you able to take a look at it and if so what did you think about it. Do you know how much it cost?? Thanks for helping me with my questions. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

  3. Love your stichery glad that you are back on track again. Good luck with your course.

  4. I can't believe how industrious and creative you have been. So many beautiful finishings. Love the quilt, love all the stitching and that thread! Glad I stopped by here, now I'm inspired to do even more!

  5. Gosh, you are a busy bee! best of luck with the OU studies, my husband has enrolled and is working on his first essay,such a lot of work!

  6. Those bunnies are so cute and the embroidery is amazing. You have been busy. It must feel good to have finished all those projects.


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