Saturday, 10 November 2012

Autumn joys

The woods are still looking  beautiful, and this morning I took advantage of more autumn sunshine to take some photos around the Kings Weston estate.

 The raindrops added a sparkling dimension to the gorgeous colours of the leaves.

This sycamore leaf looked almost as if it had been placed on the wall as a swimming pool for the fairy folk!

One or two trees are still showing the green of summer, contrasting with fallen autumn gold.

The dried seed heads look as if they have been designed - architectural and grand.
 This droplet caught my eye, just waiting to fall from the branch!

 Lichen and King Alfred's Cake Fungi adorning this old branch.

Suddenly the sky changed to darkest grey,  the clouds burst and rain and hail poured down! I scurried off down the hill, arriving home 10 minutes later looking and feeling like a very wet, panting dog!

 Here's a peek at my latest  crochet project, which is almost complete -  a splash of summery colour.
And in an effort to pretty up my life, and benefit the environment I've been crocheting some funky dishcloths in organic cotton. They've cheered up the kitchen sink - and do a fantastic job of cleaning up.  My last one lasted about three years until it finally disintegrated. I highly recommend crocheting, or knitting yourself a few.x


  1. lovely to take a walk with you
    i had to smile when you got caught in the rain
    sometimes those feel like special moments, a few memories like that come flooding back to mind

    your crochet is lovely as are your organic dish cloths. i like the idea of lace in the kitchen ;-)

  2. Love those architectural seedheads!

  3. Autumn blessings, Jules!
    So lovely to stop by briefly in blog land and see your beautiful photos.
    You have a good eye for photography and have captured autumn's magic really well.
    On cold winter evenings I will be doing crochet too!
    Good to see your projects are coming along nicely.

    Best wishes,
    Jo. xx

  4. beautiful photos thanks for sharing Jules. Love your crochet pattern too.


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