Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Big blankie reveal

Definitions of 'colour'  from the Oxford English Dictionary:

  •  vivid appearance resulting from the juxtaposition of many bright things
  •  features that lend a particularly interesting quality to something 
Isn't that great! I suddenly seem to be obsessed with colour, in all its senses.
Now, don't get me wrong - I've always loved colour, but my personal items and decor have always been more on the neutral side. My mum maintained a room  needed at least one splash of red. At the moment I am desperate to saturate the world with coloury goodness. (I don't actually think that is a word, but I've now added it to my Blogger dictionary.)
To explain a bit more, the gorgeous autumn dahlias and nerines in the gardens at Tyntesfield,

inspired the colours for my Cosy-up blanket.


Tessie Bear (aged 51) is thrilled to model it's snuggliness. As all her fur has been loved off she's very partial to cuddling up in a nice blankie.

It is actually double bed sized, but the light is so poor today I can't get a decent shot of the whole thing! It's quite big, trust me.

Since my health problems earlier this year I've re-found crochet, finding it very therapeutic, and almost meditative at times. If you are interested in the healing power of crocheting and craft activities, take a look at Crochet Concupisence 

There will be embroidery coming soon - plus a surprise.x


  1. Oh! You've had a blog re-vamp! I didn't know.=)

    I'm obsessed with colour on a permanent basis. I should do a colour fest post soon. Well, *any* post really as I seem to have got lax with it, although I have been knitting a fair bit.

    Will write back soon.

  2. Colour is vital to my life, and while I wouldn't necessarily insist on red, I think your mother had something there!

    Your crocheted blanket beautifully reflects its inspiration, and I'm not at all surprised that Tessie Bear loves it so much!

  3. Jules - I love color too - it is so much fun to work with color combinations. I especially love choosing colors for embroidery projects. Your blanket is beautiful and you have done a wonderful job with your colors!

  4. Colour is so important and can totally change the way you see something.

    I love your photographs and the blanket.

  5. Wow Jules it is beautiful. The colours are lovely


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