Thursday 13 December 2012

Beautiful crochet and tatted lace

Yesterday was my birthday,  and I was spoiled, being taken to lunch at
Clevedon,  which was lovely,  albeit very cold!

You know I'm  interested in the health benefits of stitching and creating? Well, here are 2  wonderful examples.

My lovely Mum -in - law crocheted these beautiful mats for me as a birthday gift, aren't they  wonderful? She uses the finest thread. Mum is 85 years young, and has had suspected glaucoma.  I could no sooner do this fine work than fly! I want to really set them off - maybe use them on a cushion cover? Any ideas welcome!

Then, this stunning tatted decoration was in a Christmas card from my friend, it was made by an elderly Austrian lady who creates them  for charity. Her work is so incredible, I wish I could feature more.x


  1. So glad you enjoyed your special day. The crocket mats are gifts to be cherished and extra special as they were made by your Mum.

  2. Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts for you to enjoy and cherish.

  3. The crocheted work is lovely - so fine and delicate. It's marginally to tat with a very fine thread than crochet, but it's still challenging. I'm impressed with both!

    Did you know that tatting used to be called "frivolite" should be an e-acute)?

  4. A very Happy belated birthdat greetings Jules. Wow what gorgeous gifts you got.

  5. birthday wishes from me. I think we will all be thrilled to bits if we are able to stitch when 85, your Mother had done so lovely crochet for you and the tatting is lovely as well

  6. Happy (belated) birthday Jules! You received such beautiful gifts, the crochet and tatting are just gorgeous.

  7. ah, i am happy that you had a lovely birthday, even if it was cold.

    your gifts are beautiful, lace has always been a favorite of mine.

    Wishing you a beautiful new year!


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