Monday 3 December 2012

Easy Christmas Decorations in paper and stitch

December is here.

I was asked to do a mini workshop for one of our local churches who have a craft event each Christmas, so I racked my brain for an idea which can be achieved in less than 20 minutes. It also needed to be low cost and portable!  This is what I came up with. These decorations are made from one sheet of computer printing/copier paper,  a bit of thread and a bead or a button. They are simple to make, strangely addictive, and I think, very effective. 

How you do it -
(Sorry, I haven't prettied up these tute pics on Gimp, this is my old cutting mat in all it's shabby glory.)
Cut a template from cardboard and draw around it, 4 pieces should do it if using computer paper, if it's thinner paper you'll need more.  Cut out your 4 shapes all together (using a clip prevents  the layers slipping, which is always a problem for me as I'm so impatient).

 Fold your 'pack' of shapes in half exactly down the middle.

Thread a needle with 2 strands of embroidery thread. Add a bead or button to  the end and knot firmly to secure (some glue may help if it's got a big hole!)
Then make a stitch about .5 cm from the bottom of the tree. Come in from the back, pull out at the front and then go in at the back again to secure the thread. Pull up the thread gently and leave a tail, so your bead will dangle attractively!

Make a running stitch along the line of your fold.(It can be a bit stiff getting the needle through -  change the needle size for one that's comfy).

Create a loop at the top by returning through your final hole, and pulling out the thread.

Finish off by going through the hole twice more, once on either side, and fasten off your thread.

Fold the sides together to fan them out.

Hang your decoration and enjoy!

You can use wrapping or brown paper, anything that's not too thick. I imagine great fun making them with little ones  - they may just need a bit of help with the stitching.  It might be easier to cut out larger shapes, punch holes and thread with wool or ribbon, then stick on glitter, beads, tiny buttons, whatever you  fancy.

 If the pennies are pinching they look great made in newsprint.......

Ho, ho, ho.x


  1. Simple but so effective. Thank you for sharing.

  2. look great and will try my hand at these later today,

  3. thinking red and green paper might work for then tree, no plans to venture out till thursday but will have a look for some then and try it out

  4. That's a great idea, really simple, and no doubt great fun for a group to work on together!

  5. Thanks, Jules! I've been looking for a nice craft to make with my boys - something fairly easy that doesn't take too long, and these are just the ticket!

  6. Jules, these are lovely, so pretty & so simple too, i must have a try! So glad I helped to make you feel a wee bit Christmassy ;) it is hard these days with it all being pushed at us. I try to keep away from the hype as much as possible but its not easy. I love faerie lights too for the very same reason.

  7. They look great Jules, I feel I might have a go myself so thanks for the inspiration. x

  8. Thanks Jules that is a wonderful tutorial and easy to do. Also you could add colour and paint and glitter to the decorations and make it whatever you want great idea.

  9. This is a great post, Jules, so I hope that you don't mind my sharing your link with all my frugal friends. :)


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