Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Crocheted cosiness...

Well, it's not-

 'January brings the snow, makes our face and finger's glow,' but

'Rain, rain. go away, come again another day'!

Grey skies, damp, poor light, and much mud is pretty much it at the moment. Luckily I am working hard indoors (hee hee) on lots of new  embroidery  and stitching designs, and I will be sharing something a bit different this year. But, meanwhile, in keeping with Adventure's in Thread's new  colourful ethos -  here's a burst of brightness for you.

 Crocheted star, I made these for Christmas really, but the colours are so cheery (pattern from the wonderful Attic 24)

A WIP! My new blanket, in colourful crochet ripples, which is keeping my  knees cosy as I hook each evening.

A pressie for me! Beautiful Tulip Etimo Hooks in a fab case, courtesy of my lovely man.
They are a-mazing.
 Lots of pretty yarn in my newly refurbished basket.

And here's a hope of spring to come. Looking forward to seeing lots of these in a few weeks.

I'm off  to do some more stitching - and to  see 'The Hobbit' movie today- very excited about that.  Back soon!x


  1. We've got an advance on "February brings the fog, should not do it to a dog!", so bright colours are very welcome!

  2. I love seeing the snowdrops, such a pretty flower. The colours in your crochet work are so "happy" perfect for this dreary weather.

  3. two great crochet projects, jumped to attic 24 but was unable to become a follower so will have to remember to check in some other way as it looks a great site to visit.

  4. I love the little star you have made and the colours you have chosen.

  5. I love that star Jules. You are so multi-talented girlfriend. You always amaze me.
    So how did you like The Hobbit? I bet you can't guess my favorite scene? hee,hee,hee.


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