Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Vintage Sewing Machine Stitchery

If you've visited before you'll be familiar with my beloved 1939 Singer hand machine. It's a family heirloom in regular use for lots of my sewing projects.  Does anyone else have a similar  machine they use?  It inspired me to create some simple stitchery designs to match the Adventures in Thread red and white theme!

I'd drawn a birthday stitchery design for my friend Shell over at the Raspberry Rabbits which I stitched and appliqued on the front of a simple needle case.

I thought this would be a nice way to  show the small sewing machine designs I'd created.  Some pretty red fabric scraps were just the thing to make up more prototype needle cases - but with a slight twist.

 Inside the appliqued case is a flap up felt needle holder and  pockets for embroidery scissors, thread etc. I love surprise pockets and storage, and things being useful in more than one way.

 The back is made up of a simple strip piecing block.

 The red work case is traditional, with a plain finish, but also has handy pockets inside.

My 'Lizzie' bag patterns all sold out again last week!  I was asked if there were more designs, so I'm creating a few simple patterns for some of my projects, and thought this needle case idea might be a good one, with some more tweaking and improvement! The ones here were made up very quickly, and only roughly thought out (no top stitching, etc); but I quite liked the more homey look. What do you think about which types of patterns would be popular?  I know loads of you reading this are very experienced stitchers and sew-ers, who don't need instructions and advice, but I need to think about newbies and people who need some hand holding and encouragement.

Also, I'm also conscious of doing rather cute designs these days because that style seems to be what a lot of people want to buy! What are your thoughts - and what  projects would you have found useful or fun when starting out? If you have time to tell me what you think, or if you've got any other suggestions I'd love to her them.
 On a technical note:) Last week I learnt how to make 'tailor's corners', which I'd never even heard of before. Shocking isn't it:) I was so impressed with the results. Wish I'd known how when I put these together! It's great though, how you can sew for years and still pick up new tricks and tips. x


  1. Hi Jules. I LOVE these! They are sweet and simple, yet very functional - a perfect project for beginners like me (I have very little sewing experience). The vintage sewing machine applique' and pattern are very cute and very appropriate for the case. For projects like this, the vintage style seems to be very popular. I've noticed a lot of interest in vintage embroidery on the web, and the vintage patterns are often easier for beginners too. I'd love to make one of these for myself!!

    I'm happy that you are meeting great success with your bag patterns, and I'm sure this needlecase will be a big hit as well. You've certainly inspired me!

  2. you have created some lovely needle cases here, as Starr says vintage is the "in thing" at the moment, shops opening up all over the place with vintage clothing.
    Granny used to have a frister and rosseman(?) treadle machine, how I loved that, Dad made sails for his boat on it it would sew through anything, but much to my disgust he got rid of it, would loved to have it, mind you I am happy with my bernina.

  3. Awesome Jules! Of course, you know I loooooooooooooove my bunny needlecase! Using it every day!

  4. My hand machine is a "Jones" but it looks very similar!
    When I first started to embroider I used patterns from 1930s "Needlewoman" magazines, which were simple and straightforward, but usually involved a lot more than simple outlines.

  5. So beautiful! Love the colour you used.

  6. The sewing machine is classic. My grandfather who was a tailor had one very similar. I remeber when I was young thinking it was a wonderful machine with all the brass decoration on it. I wish we still had it at home. Shell's neddlecase and the other cases are fabulous. Lovely designs and stitching.
    Great to visit you again after being away for so long.

  7. I knew those Lizzi bag patterns would sell fast. Love the old Singer and the creations you have made with it.
    Just wondering, I haven't seen any of your dolls lately. Maybe I should check one of your other blogs?

  8. Hi! I've loved reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you have a moment to pop over to my blog you can find out more about the award. Natalie x


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