Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A little extra post - Quilts UK at Malvern, Worcs

We discovered (well, himself did) that my phone is not compatible with the new Windows 8 version installed on my pc. Grrrr! So, after much fiddling about, (and very bad language, for which I  apologise profusely), finally, here are a few of the many, many quilts at Malvern.  I'm sorry the photos aren't brilliant, I only had 5 minutes or so to spare and I had to  keep dodging all the visitors who were pouring through a very  narrow space!  These are just my particular favourites.

 This amazing applique work caught my eye.


 The detail was just lovely.

Couldn't resist a snap of this fairy paradise!

More beautiful traditional applique.

The simplicity and jolliness of this piece is very attractive!

 I don't often agree with the judges, but on this occasion they get the thumbs up from me too. I  absolutely loved this!

Similarly, this piece is simply, fabulous - design, concept and execution of the work are wonderful!

I'm sorry I cannot credit their creators as I don't have a show guide! If anyone's got one, please do let me know who made them so I can update this post. If you want to get an idea of the wealth of quilts at the show then do pop over and visit my friend Margie, who took loads of photos and has posted a  collage shot on her blog which you can find here,  and is hopefully sharing more photos with us soon! x


  1. Jules I must have missed some of the quilts as you have photos of 2 I definately did not see, the one with the fairy and the one with the cat and owl, they must have been hiding. Your first picture was one of my favourites too, the foxgloves on it were amazing. Am I right in thinking this got the second best in the show? been trying to remember which one it was, I seemed to be drawn to the applique ones more than the patchwork ones, maybe because I have not tried applique yet and they look so amazing.

  2. How lovely, one of these days I must visit that show!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures! What a beautiful collection of quilts. I love the applique quilt and the colors on the fairy paradise are beautiful. I will check out the link to your friends blog. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those are so gorgeous. I love all the detail in the first one.


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