Monday 13 May 2013

A parcel full of Raspberry Rabbits happiness!

Happy Monday! Last Friday I had a really wonderful surprise. My treasured friend Shell, of The Raspberry Rabbits, did  such a fantastic thing.  Look at this stunning amount of goodies which came in a most beautifully wrapped parcel on Friday.

Not only did she send me a selection of 12 of the beautiful Valdani 3 strand thread she uses (we can't buy them in the UK-
look at these stunning variegated colours, the thread is so soft too);
she also sent me this gorgeous rabbit scissor fob, designed by our talented artist friend Jo May.

It's so delightful - and useful, I haven't lost my scissors once this weekend!:) It went straight on my favourite bunny scissors (a previous gift from Shell!) Isn't the wee bunny charm fab?

Alongside all this were some French needles (ils ne sont pas très chic!). Also, Thread Heaven, thread conditioner. Now - this is something I would never have bought myself , but I have to say it's totally brilliant and has made such a difference to my stitching. I'm hooked and will be searching out more in the UK!

Shell has just been featured in 'Quiltmaker's' 100 Blocks collector's edition, which she included for me -  here she is on page 25 with her lovely 'Carrot Run' applique block. I'm so proud and happy for her success!


 My parcel was completed with Raspberry Rabbit pens;


I'm loving these,  they're so cute with their Raspberry bunny logo.
Finally, there were some of Shell's signature yummy raspberry choccies (OK, there were more of these but I had already nommed them by the time I took the photos!) and a most beautiful card.

You will imagine how thrilled and delighted I was with these fab gifts. The threads alone are simply wonderful,  I can't wait to start using them.

Thank you so much for this parcel of happiness Shell! I feel so lucky and grateful.

 I'd like to pass on my good feelings by wishing everyone a really 'Lovely Day'!

One of my favourite feel good songs of all time!x


  1. I need some friends like this too....=)

    Enjoy using and sharing the results!

  2. How wonderful, such a heartwarming post.

  3. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIFT!!! I especially love the rabbit scissor fob! Lucky you.

  4. What wonderful treasures you received..

  5. All the way across the pond I sat and listened and then did a little chair dancing to this fabulous song. All the while I imagined how fun it would be to dance along with you and laugh and snort and carry on like total fools. :) You are a precious friend to me Jules. Precious indeed.
    :) :) :)
    Love ya to bits!

  6. so many little treasures you have here, the scissor fob is delightful and the threads will no doubt be put to veru good use.

  7. Jules,

    So good to meet you on Friday and have a chat at Poppy's. Two things a: you can purchase Thread Heaven in the Uk as several venues, I just got some from it is £3.50 here and b: can you remind me of the very thin and malleable bond-a-web substance we talked about.

    Thanks and great little blog here! Vickie

    1. What a lovely surprise Vickie - and thank you for the info! It's Mistyfuse, I got mine at and I think both Rainbow Silks and Barnyarns now stock it too.Hope to see you again soon!


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