Thursday, 2 May 2013

An old project and a new doll!

This week I  finally finished two projects, one of which has been waiting a very long time. Remember my 'Red Steps Out' embroidery design. It has, finally, been made into a cushion. I used some vintage Laura Ashley fabric from the 70's and tea dyed cotton lace. I don't normally have unfinished projects, but I just didn't know what to do with this one:)

Now, project 2! 
Drum roll please - ready for the trumpet fanfare Ta ra ta ra ta raaaaaa! 
Here, at last, is the new doll. This is little Alice. She's very different to the usual girls as she's made very simply,  in a rag doll way, but is tuck stitched to  sit down nicely. I made her simple because I wanted to embroider a face, instead of painting it, and Alice is the result.

She has a 1950's style gingham dress with puff sleeves, and a matching hair band. Her arms are open,  as she's a very warm and welcoming little girl who's happy to  be hugged.

I was rather pleased with her sweet little face.

Alice is rather proud of the smart red button boots which complete her ensemble.

It was fun making her, despite the pattern for her dress being a challenge! It's funny that I  will avoid any type of dressmaking activity for myself, but spent ages fiddling about with tiny dress facings for Alice!

I'm deep in stitchery projects this week, and always looking for inspiration for the next design. Recently I was fortunate enough to meet Natalie, who  makes really beautiful  things and has a blog full of textile goodies at Sewing Room Secrets. Do pop over and visit her.

On a sad note, my computer is broken and I'm off to sort out a new one today. Do you remember  when we went through  life without technology? Now we can't function without it!x


  1. Alice has turned out very well.
    I know what you mean about tech - if my email cuts out I feel like a cat without whiskers!

  2. Alice has such a very sweet expression. You did a terrific job. She would make a very sweet and sympathetic friend for some lucky little girl :)

  3. tow beautifully done projects for us to see today, Alice has a most expressive face. Hope computer sorted now, I was without internet for 3 days as router packed up now have loads of blogs to catch up with!

  4. I'm totally in love with Alice! She's fabulous Jules! You are ever so clever. (that was fun to say out loud in my pretend british accent. hee,hee,hee).

    Hope you get a new and happy computer. They drive me nuts I tell ya!

  5. She is beautiful Jules. I love her gingham dress and felt shoes, so lovely and her blue eyes match her dress colour.

    Have a great bank holiday weekend!

  6. I am just about to try my first sculpted face.I hope I have sucess like you have.She is very sweet.

  7. Alice is a real cutie! I love raggies and still have the rag doll my Gran gave me when I was a wee girl. Her face is all faded now (the doll, not my Gran lol!), so an embroidered face is a great idea!

    P.S. thanks so much, Jules, for the lovely comments about my blog :) x

  8. Aww, such a sweet little face, that is the hardest part to get right.


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