Sunday, 23 June 2013

Simple Stitchery Projects

You'll notice there's been a distinct lack of physical embroidery here lately. I've been frantically stitching though, designing and preparing new items for my mini exhibit at Poppy Patchwork's' 2 year birthday party. It was a  great day, with lots of people attending; and it hopefully inspired a few more to come and have fun learning how to do some simple embroidery and applique.The girls in my current stitchery class are an absolute pleasure to teach, and are producing lovely work.

I didn't actually have a chance to take photos on the day, but here are a few of the ideas I came up with...

Summer butterflies on a vintage style tea cosy......

 some of them escaped and are flying around the back!:)

My brief was to create simple, naive artwork and subjects which would appeal to people!  I decided to include a few easy redwork designs which used mainly outline stitching. These would be fun on a bag or cushion - maybe as a gift for a friend or relative who loves stitching, baking, gardening, or all three! I only had time to stitch them up and put them on to some display panels.

 My gardening angel though, said she'd prefer to be seen in bright colours.

Finally, a designed a little homespun sewing case,  in which I managed again, to promote my passion for saving our bees. (See the wee fluffy one above?!)


Inside the case are several pockets for threads, those important stitching items, plus a small embroidered button. This is for attaching your scissor fob, or as a hook, keeping those spare lengths of thread handy (Oh yes, another bee on the button....)


A little buttony sunflower also adorns the inside pockets, and, behind the hive shaped needle felt....

yet another bee! (There's also one on the back, but I  think you've seen enough of them now......) I'm sorry the case looks a bit creased, but I've quite fallen in love with it, it's proved so useful, (and robust) that it's been in constant use since I made it, and is quite happy being thrown about in and out of my stitching bags and cases! I'm thinking it might make a nice pattern. Any thoughts?x


  1. Delightful! The bees are very sweet.

  2. all your pieces are eye catching and I am sure inspired others.could do with your gardening angel to water mine when we have dry spells! Love the bees, we seem to have lots and lots of tiny ones this year.

  3. I think it would make a great pattern. Love it.
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  4. Hi Jules! All of your designs are 'heavenly', but my favorite is definitely the sewing case! Love it - so cute. I think it would make a terrific pattern as I would very much like to make one myself - how do you do those neat corners? ps. i know almost nothing, ok well nothing about sewing/quilting. :)

  5. Love them all Jules! I think the garden angel is my favorite. I like her colors. :)
    Your bee keep is so sweet!!


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