Sunday, 6 October 2013

If you go down to the woods today...

You're sure of an autumn surprise....
It feels like early September. Today was my first day 'off' in three weeks,  so I packed up my rucksack and went sketching in Kings Weston Woods. I thought you might like to join me as it's been such a beautiful day.

 I'd like to introduce you to my favourite tree, a very old Sweet Chestnut. It's branches reaching out always seem to be giving me a welcome, and it has the most beautiful textured bark.

 The sunlight dappling the leaves and the woodland rides was just perfect.

Right in the middle of the wood I found a beautiful clump of wild cyclamen I've never seen before. It was so dark I needed the flash to  take a photo!

The  heavy rain we've had this week had brought up so many fungi. I think I disturbed this snail 's supper!


Mushrooms had popped up everywhere, like teeny pixie cities,  full of compact bijou residences!

Another of Kings Weston's historic trees  (of which we have many!) This gorgeous old lime tree is over 300 years old!

Bracket fungi on one of the beautiful beech tree trunks. This is the 'Artist's Fungus'; so called because  if you write on the white velvety underside with a sharp point, it stains brown.

Back out on the grassland I watched this little carder bee forage for nectar in the opening buds of white dead nettle - a sight I  usually  associate with  spring! In complete contrast,  all the wild parsley plants have gone over and are seeding. Their stalks are brown and stiff;  tiny multi coloured snails can be found tucked in to the crevices. This one was particularly beautiful.


It was a great afternoon and I've come home inspired  -  now off to create some new designs!x


  1. I have so enjoyed seeing your lovely photos and reading about your forest. It must be a magical place to visit.

  2. how I enjoyed you walk felt that I was by your side walking it with you, so many delights to see and enmjoy

  3. What a beautiful day and a wonderful place to explore, Jules. I love seeing the woods where you live! And I spied a troll scowling down at you from the beech tree!! Look up above the bracket fungus and you will clearly see a nose and a scowling mouth! Those tree trolls can be a bit territorial sometimes, but I don't blame them :)))

  4. Cyclamen are among my favourite flowers - lucky you!

  5. What an awesome way to spend the day. That last photo with the snail and the wild parsley is sooooooooo cool! I can't wait to see what that inspires you to create.

  6. What a lovely woods posting. I can see why you love that Chestnut tree. There is just something about a walk in the woods that refreshes and inspires. Glad you posted your woods.

  7. Lovely! So much beauty in every season. We are enjoying many mushrooms in the woods where I live too - that old sweet chestnut is so beautiful, I can see why it is your favorite. Thank you for the pictures!


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