Saturday, 2 November 2013

Meet Ruby Rags

A few weeks ago I exhibited my dolls and embroideries in Bristol. It wasn't a sales event, but some one fell in love with Bertie Bunny, my studio assistant,  and begged to buy him. So after a thorough re-homing check!:) he has a lovely new home.

This left me without any help. So I created a new pattern for a little doggy friend.
This is Ruby Rags.

Ruby is made from Egyptian cotton, which I tea-dyed. She's button jointed (with mismatching buttons) Around her neck is a cute little neckerchief with anther pretty button fastening.

  Ruby has button eyes, a soft felty nose and embroidered features.

She sits up beautifully and is proving a great help already. I have started to plan some friends for her!


  1. She has a lovely straight back and a wonderfully alert expression - I'm not surprised she's proving so helpful!

  2. Oh she looks so sweet and anxious to please...she needs a kitty cat for a buddy!

  3. I think a buddy would be a great idea to keep her company when you are not around, can`t have her feeling lonely

  4. Love Ruby especially as I have a chocolate Labrador called Ruby - are you going to sell the pattern? Hope so. Andy

  5. So sweet! You got such a perfect expression on her face. The tea staining worked beautifully and I love the fabric on her ears and neckerchief.

  6. Of course somebunny fell in love with your assistant. ;) Awesome.


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