Monday 30 December 2013

Bunny Birth Stitchery

Thought I would pop in and see how everyone is doing. Thank you so much for all the on-line good wishes and cards, they are much appreciated.
We celebrate very quietly at this time of year, but we had a very happy time, seeing both of our families,  which was lovely. It was especially exciting as we got to meet new great niece Charlotte for the first time -  she was very good and took everything in her stride. Pretty good for 10 days old! Her older sister and cousin had a rather great time too.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing them open their presents- I am pleased to say little Millie is very keen on drawing already and I think we have another artist in the making!
Here's the birth picture I designed and  made for Charlotte, 'Magic Rainbow Bunnies.'

I couldn't find a suitable frame, so had to hand paint one!

I don't do resolutions, but the New Year always focuses my attention on  habits I want to alter,  make or stop doing! In 2014 I want to make several changes -  but no doubt there will be unexpected twists and turns on my journey. :) So for the rest of the holidays I'm doing a lot of thinking,  - and making lots of lists.How about you? x


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas celebration. The birth picture is beautiful and even more so with the frame - really lovely. Enjoy the rest of your holiday :)

  2. a lovely sampler that will be well loved. I do not make resolutions either but I have said no more impulse fabric buying. You always lave lovely comments on my blog but there is no email adderss to get back to you so I will say thanks here and please carry on visiting. The first comment I did did not seem to go through.

  3. Charlotte Elizabeth's birth picture is absolutely charming: I think you should always do your own frames! It is just right for the picture. As for New Year Resolutions: to tidy and organise all my materials! Happy New Year.

  4. Charming! A bunny birth announcement - what could be cuter? I know it will be treasured for generations. And I'm quite impressed with your hand painted frame. I'm going to tuck that idea into my back pocket!

  5. This piece is beautiful - and the frame is perfect!


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