Sunday, 1 December 2013

Introducing - Clothilde Le Chat!

I've had a really lovely week. First of all we were unexpectedly taken out for lunch last Sunday. Then I had a super day out in Bath on Tuesday, meeting my new friend Andy for tea and cake -  which I'll share on my next post.
Back at home I finally sorted out the last few tweaks in the design of the latest little friend to join the household.
So finally, may I introduce you  to Ruby Rag's new friend, the very elegant, Clothilde Le Chat.

Clothilde considers herself a rather refined kitty and she is very proud of her French ancestry. She adores her hand dyed velvet collar wrap. The lovely emerald  has been in her family for generations,  and matches her eyes!

Just like Ruby, she sits up beautifully (and likes to admire herself in the mirror,  while pretending she isn't).

 Like most cats she loves a good stretch.

And despite her elegant stance she's always ready to pounce on her favourite, nommy food!

Clothilde and Ruby may be very different, but they are 100% best friends. At the end of each busy day,  they like to get together to play,  and then to relax - and have a good gossip!

I wonder who will be next to join the gang of friends?x


  1. Ruby is so very lucky to have such a very beautiful and elegant friend! I love her pink ears and long curly tail :)

  2. Clothilde is lovely girl, clearly from a very fine family!

  3. Great! Maybe a rabbit or mouse next??=)

  4. Love this latest creation. Your posing of these friends made me smile.

  5. what a great play mate for Ruby, can see them getting up to all sorts of mischief when you back is turned!

  6. Fabulous Clothilde! I think Ruby had better watch out - who is the leader of the pack?

  7. Oh, she's wonderful! And I think she's very elegant with her scarf and brooch too.

  8. Love!! Jules you always make the most amazing things!


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